Ask Us Anything: How much sleep do you actually need?

It matters more than you think.
Two illustrated humans sleeping along with the Ask Us Anything logo
Can you really get away with less than 8 hours of sleep? Katie Belloff/Popular Science

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This week on Ask Us Anything, we investigated an age-old question: How much sleep do we need? Or, perhaps how many of us might think about it these days, how little sleep can we get away with while still functioning normally? To answer that first question, we traced the history of sleep studies back to a pair of researchers who spent 32 days living in a Kentucky cave completely devoid of sunlight. Understanding how the researchers slept under those conditions helped inform us about the optimal amount of sleep humans need and how our circadian rhythms factor in. 

And in the past decade or two, sleep researchers have performed similar studies (in air-conditioned labs, not Kentucky caves) with more participants which have added to our understanding of how sleep affects the human mind and body. And while the number of hours of sleep adults need might not surprise you, what happens to your body and brain when you get just slightly less than that optimal amount will certainly be an eye-opener. 

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