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YouTube Gaming is over another hurdle in its quest for live stream supremacy (or to simply catch up with Twitch).

Playstation 4 announced yesterday that the next software update for the console will include, among other things, support for a YouTube Gaming app and for live streaming.

YouTube Gaming launched last week as a platform to view all the pre-produced and live gaming content the internet has to offer. YouTube has long been the dominant home for editing gaming footage, but Amazon-owned Twitch currently dominates the live content market.

One of the initial concerns for YouTube Gaming was console support. Twitch currently has a monopoly on console-to-screen live streaming–meaning gamers need a PC to convert their game content before it hits a live audience. This new arrangement brings the same support to Playstation users.

We expect Microsoft’s XBox One to follow suit and announce support soon as well, which means console gamers will have a choice between two competitors that doesn’t involve extra costs. This essentially levels the playing field in terms of hardware.

Twitch shouldn’t be frightened just yet, though. YouTube Gaming still lacks transparency on income models for content producers who wish to monetize their gaming. So while casual adapters may give YouTube Gaming a go, Twitch still seems to have the best incentives.

The Playstation announcement also offered direct-to-Twitch video posting (of 10 second clips or less), so the ways to share your gaming content keep multiplying. Maybe we’ll see Periscope dangling their feet in the waters soon too.

The beta for the operating update just started today, so it may be a while before everyone has access.