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Everybody knows they should back up their computer, but picking up an extra drive can be costly—until now. Samsung is currently deeply discounting internal and external SSD (solid state drives) and SD cards on Amazon. Whether you’re looking to expand your computer or camera’s storage, or you just need a new flash drive, you can get find what you’re looking for here.

Samsung Type-C USB Flash Drive, $25.99 (Was $39.99)

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Many modern laptops have abandoned USB-A ports for USB-C and for good reason. The new port is smaller and supports faster file transfer speeds. Unfortunately, that means you’ll need to pick up a new flash drive so you can avoid adapters and/or hubs. Thankfully, Samsung’s Amazon deal takes the sting from the upgrade, offering drives between 64 and 256GB, all for well under $30. We’re recommending the largest model because it’s handy having more space than less.

Samsung’s flash drive can transfer data at up to 300 megabytes per second and can hold up to 12 hours of 4K video. The drive’s transfer speed is high enough that you shouldn’t have to wait very long when doing common tasks like moving photos, videos, or documents from one computer to another. Cloud storage has gotten more reliable, but a flash drive will come in handy when you’re in a place without a fast Internet connection or want to securely transfer sensitive information.

This flash drive’s fast speed will also be useful if you choose to do a full computer backup. If you’re stuck with a drawer of low-capacity flash drives that were slow to begin with and incompatible with your new machine, don’t skip this deal.

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