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With a bevy of free tutorials and software available, it’s never been easier to make your own music at home. And, with these early Black Friday audio deals from Amazon, it’s never been easier to build an affordable recording rig.



Getting a good microphone is a key step in creating a sweet at-home studio. And the iconic Shure SM58—on sale for $94, half-off its regular $196 pricetag—is a great place to start. This durable mic can do it all, from recording vocals to tracking drums, and is perfect for the budding recording artist looking for the beginnings of their recording set-up. Want to expand the budget and arsenal? The equally renowned Shure SM7B—beloved by podcasters and broadcasters, but also music producers on our staff, for its vocals handling—can be had for $359, which is 28% off its regular price. And that’s not all, so check out the other Shure audio items on sale.

The next steps are getting an audio interface and a good pair of studio monitors. On the interface front, we’re fond of the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and the PreSonus AudioBox USB 96—they’re 20% off and our choices for some of the best audio interfaces of 2022. Like Shure, PreSonus has a bevy of monitors, pad controllers, and mics on sale.

When it comes to a good pair of studio monitors on a budget, we recommend the Mackie CR3-X, which is even cheaper at its $89.99 sale price. As we mentioned in our best studio monitors roundup, “It’s a great entry-level studio monitor that can serve as a great ‘real-world’ reference if you upgrade later.”

Check out these other audio deals to make your Bandcamp dreams a reality: