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Do you have a communal family computer that’s still running Windows XP? Retire it and upgrade with the Samsung M8, on sale for $589.99, $140 off its $729.99 retail price.

Amanda Reed


The Samsung M8, as we mention in our review, makes for a great display for those with a designated home office. The 32-inch screen provides plenty of screen real estate for simultaneous open windows, and built-in Microsoft 365 means you can easily bounce into your work email account without bringing out your work computer. Connection is easy: simply plug in the included USB-C and HDMI cables to a laptop. It also pairs seamlessly with Apple devices like the MacBook Air. It includes AirPlay compatibility and works well as a secondary monitor for basic video and photo editing. Pre-downloaded streaming apps and good sound mean you can spend Pomodoro breaks watching a quick guided meditation on YouTube.

It’s also on sale for $589.99 on Amazon in case you’re loyal to the Bezos brand. This is the lowest we’ve seen the monitor priced at so—if you’ve been eyeing an opportunity to make it your desk M8—now is the time to take advantage of this deal.