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Everyone pretty much relies on the cloud these days for data storage, with flash drives being rendered obsolete. But here’s the thing: the cloud isn’t all that reliable (at least not at the level you expect them to be) when you have to back up data during crucial moments. When your phone storage runs out while recording a concert or, say, your niece’s graduation, you can’t exactly count on the cloud to clear up some space and back up any of your deleted files.

Sometimes, analog is still the way to go. A flash drive can come in handy when you least expect it, so having one in tow is a smart move. The 4-in-1 Smart Flash Drive happens to be on sale, and for a limited time, you can get it for over 20 percent off.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices and Mac and Windows computers, this memory card reader lets you transfer photos, videos, files, and other data from your mobile devices to your Mac or PC. It supports high data transfer — about 25 MB per second — to minimize wait times while backing up, and its generous storage capacity lets you store whatever you want in a single place.

It has four different connectors built-in — USB 3.0, lightning, micro-USB, and type-C — so you no longer have to use any additional dongles per device. It’s also incredibly compact and portable, making it easy for you to slip it into your pocket, purse, pouch, or bag. And with the accompanying app, you’ll have no problem organizing and managing all the data you stored.

Formerly retailing for $29, you can grab the 4-in-1 smart flash drive – 32GB for only $22.99. If you want more space, a 128 GB option is also available on sale for $32.99.

Prices subject to change.