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Campers understand the importance of keeping a power source on hand at all times during multi-day trips where access to outlets is scarce. EF ECOFLOW’s DELTA 2 is a multi-port, 1024Wh solar generator that’s capable of powering small appliances for several hours. The DELTA 2 can charge a smartphone 89 times or power a mini fridge for up to 32 hours off a single charge. The company says this battery was designed to last 10 years, and hold 80% of its capacity after 3,000 charging cycles.

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA 2 $579 (Was $999)

EF ECOFLOW outfitted the DELTA 2 with six standard AC outlets, a more powerful X-STREAM AC port, one DC port, four USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports. There’s also an optional port that allows you to connect a 220W solar panel to the power the DELTA 2 exclusively off renewable energy. You can monitor the power station’s battery capacity and how much energy is being drawn by gadgets that are currently connected to it via an app on iOS or Android. Whether you’d like to have power redundancy at home in case of emergencies, or are planning an epic camping trip this summer, don’t miss this deal on EF ECOFLOW’s DELTA 2.

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