Save 47% with this Jackery solar generator and solar panel deal at Amazon

At $879 for a solar generator and two solar panels, there isn't another deal better than this.
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Amanda Reed

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I conveniently am in the heatwave path, and my electricity has flickered intermittently all week. Sure, other people would cheer if their electric went out during working hours, but I’m built different. If I can’t get something done—like send off our twice-per-week gear newsletter—I get really frustrated. There’s nothing I hate more than something that’s out of my control, and Mother Nature is mercurial. Maybe I should finally take my Dad’s advice and get a solar generator, “just in case,” as he would say. Thankfully, this Jackery solar generator and solar panel bundle is 47% off at Amazon, which is the cheapest price I’ve seen for it.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 with 2xSolarSaga 100W Solar Panels $879 (Was $1,649)

Jackery makes some of the best solar generators, and this is the best deal we’ve seen on this bundle. This Jackery power station can draw a full charge from its included solar panels in eight hours or 5.5 hours if charged via an AC outlet. It can charge an electric grill for 50 minutes, a mini cooler for 48 minutes, and a coffee maker for 88 minutes. This means no spoiled food, no one going hungry, and no one going without caffeine, which is the most important. Unlike traditional generators, there’s no pollution or noise with this generator, which you can use anywhere.

When we say this is the best Jackery deal we’ve seen, we mean it. This bundle—which, again, includes two solar panels—is cheaper than this old deal that included one solar panel. If you’ve thought about investing in a solar generator, this deal should convince you to finally click “add to cart.”


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