Get summer-storm-ready with this emergency power station

People sitting around a picnic table while a solar generator sits on the ground.
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If summer is (arguably) the best season, why is it also the most dangerous? We aren’t talking about addicting fair foods, dangerous amusement park rides, or bull-escaping rodeos, but the hurricanes, tornadoes, and heat waves that often result in blackouts.

While a candlelit evening can be fun, it’s good to have a power station as a backup in case that evening turns into a full night or multiple days. If you want our recommendation, the EcoFlow Delta that can recharge with solar panels is a great option. Save 35 percent on it here and be prepared for these emergencies.

Imagine you’re going on hour three of no power, and your stomach is starting to growl at you, but for something warm. No problem. The EcoFlow Delta can power most home appliances under 1,800W, like your microwave, toaster, and electric kettle. Make yourself a dang quesadilla (Napoleon Dynamite, anyone?) or a cup of instant coffee.

When you’re on hour four and your phone is starting to die, just plug it into one of the USB ports for a power boost. While it’s charging, you might hook your laptop up to an AC outlet and watch Napoleon Dynamite or play Genshin Impact to pass the time (using your phone’s hotspot since your Wi-Fi is probably down, too). 

Recharging the EcoFlow Delta is simpler and quicker if your power is on. It takes just one hour to go from 0 to 80 percent with an AC outlet, but you can also use your 12/24V carport or solar panels to recharge it in a pinch.

Buy your EcoFlow Delta power station now for $899 (reg. $1,399) and save 35 percent, all to be prepared for just about any weather-related emergency this summer—and beyond—throws at you.

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