Internet-Enabled Laser Pointer Lets You Play With Your Pet From Anywhere In The World

Petcube helps your cat stay active/frustrated by chasing a laser pointer.

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Playing a game of “chase the laser pointer” with a cat is one of the most compelling reasons to get a cat in the first place. But what to do when you go to work, or on a trip? How will you induce hilarious chirping and pouncing then?

Petcube, a little gadget currently in pre-production, couples a Wi-Fi-connected 720p camera with a laser pointer. Through either a website or an app (currently apps are planned for iOS and Android), you can control the laser, or open controls to the public, allowing anyone in the world to play with your pet. The Petcube also has a microphone, which, with the camera, actually makes it a nice way to see what your pet is up to while you’re away. (Spoiler: mostly sleeping.)

It’s a pretty simple idea, but it seems well thought out; there’s also a speaker, so you can yell at your cat, which sounds fun for you and alarming for your cat. The laser is low-intensity, so even if it’s beamed directly into your pet’s eyes, it won’t cause any damage. You can also record especially hilarious/adorable videos and upload them directly to YouTube.

The Petcube isn’t finished yet, but you can sign up and be notified when it’s ready to purchase. And now, here’s a video of big cats playing with laser pointers.