Dancing Exoplanets, A Fire Tornado, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Plus the view inside blood vessels

Reddit Solves SpaceX Debris Mystery

Reddit user _R_ was the first to identify SpaceX debris that was found last Thursday off of the coast of the Isles of Scilly, a British archipelago. Using photos of the spacecraft’s markings, the internet sleuth determined that the parts came not from this year’s failed Falcon 9 launch, as previously declared by British officials, but from the CRS-4 launch in September 2014.

Periodic Table of Legos

LEGOs aren’t just your basic building blocks, as this picture shows. LEGO fan Jeremy Moody found pieces in all 182 colors that LEGO has ever produced and placed them together on one chart. Many colors were part of special edition sets that are no longer available today.

Exoplanets Dance

Using data from the Kepler telescope, astronomy grad student Ethan Kruse created an animation depicting the numerous exoplanets in relation to our solar system, located on the right. Besides showing the relative size and orbits of the planets, his animation also presents their relative temperatures. The Kepler scope has been responsible for confirming 1,030 planets between 2009 and 2013.

Welcome To Bear Country

The glorious bears of Finland mainly gather in the east, according to a new infographic, where some places are home to more than 6 bears per 250,000 acres. The brown bear is Earth’s largest land-based predator and serves as the national animal of Finland. There are nine Finnish words for ‘bear’.

Blood Vessels Come Alive

Never before have researchers imaged live blood vessels with such amazing clarity. A French team is perfecting its technique of injecting microbubbles, each 2 micrometers in diameter, into subjects to view their tiniest deep tissues. Analyzing the echoing effect that ultrasound waves have on each bubble, the scientists were able to create images with a resolution of 10 micrometers, which is the width of a cotton fiber.

Slo-Mo Fire Tornado

The SlowMo Guys, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, uploaded a video showing what a fire tornado looks like in slow motion. They made their fire tornado using a kerosene fire pit surrounded by 12 fans, then shot it as slowly as 1,000 fps. Otherwise known as fire whirls and fire devils, fire tornadoes consist of a burning flame trapped in rotating pockets of air.

Beijing Lights Up

Scott Kelly’s year in space brought him right over Beijing this week. He took a picture of the city’s gridded streets lined with evening lights and showed it off on Twitter. Beijing, the capital of China, is over three thousand years old.

That’s A Lot of Phytoplankton

Who knew phytoplankton colonies could be visible from space? Located between the Falkland Islands and South Georgia island, these green patches of blooming phytoplankton were captured by a Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) camera on a satellite on November 16th.

Snow Map

After a recent blizzard in the Midwest, a satellite VIIRS camera snapped an image of the snowstorm’s aftermath. With no clouds blocking the way, the camera was able to capture the cities where there was most pileup (looking at you, Chicago).

MRI Of Mother And Child

To get this image, a mother and her baby had to hold perfectly still inside a banging, claustrophobic MRI scanning tube. After getting used to the noises, the baby finally fell asleep, staying still for minutes at a time. MRIs are often used as a diagnostic tool to find tumors or clogged arteries.