Featured by Erin Fennessy

Baltimore checkerspot caterpillar curled up in a black and orange ball
balsamic vinegar being poured into a small vial
gloved hand holding petri dish
stone statue
person's hands holding tiny plant growing out of soil
A hand holds a black sticker against a green background. The sticker has a red bandage on it and says 'I got my COVID-19 vaccine.'
A trio of galaxies swirl around each other.
A person washing their hands with soap and water spreads soap between their fingers over the basin of a sink.
Several glass vials of the COVID-19 vaccine sit on a table top.
On the left, a side view of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch shows the official logo and the rose-gold color of the flower-shaped torch. On the right, a top view of the torch while lit displays the five petals and central flame of the cherry blossom.