A Concept Wooden Car, A Suit That Makes You Feel 85, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Plus, NASA released 2.95 million new images of Earth
a woman wearing an exoskeleton suit with a scientist

To better understand what it feels like to age, Genworth and Applied Minds created this exoskeleton suit, which when worn, simulates the visual, hearing, and muscular changes that accompany aging. I got to try on the suit at a media preview at Liberty Science Center. Here's what becoming 85 felt like to me. Grennan Milliken

Wasp on a rainbow colored wasp net
turbulence on Earth as seen from space
closeup of Toyota's wooden car
colorful peacock feathers up close
gray mouse lemur strength testing
Martian dust devil below the slope of Knudsen Ridge
patch of skin grown in lab that glows
Nicaragua’s Momotombo stratovolcano Erupting, From Space
DARPA's new unmanned submarine being lowered into the water