August Ties July For Hottest Month Ever

Still breaking records
August Heat
August just tied July for hottest month ever. NASA GISS

Guys, this isn’t funny anymore. It never really was, except in a really dark way, but this is a new low. Or, really, a new high.

According to new data released by NASA today, August was the hottest August on record since record-keeping started in 1880, with average temperatures 1.764 degrees Fahrenheit above the average August temperatures in the years between 1951 and 1980. It also managed to tie last month’s record for the warmest month ever recorded. Ever.

This news marks the 11th consecutive month that the monthly average temperatures have broken records according to NASA and will likely be the 16th consecutive month of record-breaking temperatures according to NOAA, which will likely release its assessment of global August temperatures later this week. Either way you measure it, this heat streak continues to put 2016 in the running to be the hottest year since 2015, which broke the record set by 2014.

August Heat

This means August 2016 joins July, June, May, April, March, etc in a long line of record-breaking temperatures. There’s an even longer streak that these months are also continuing. The last month to have a below average temperature around the world was December of 1984.

Wake me up when September ends.