February 2014: Engineering The Ideal Olympian

February 2014: Engineering The Ideal Olympian


Letter From The Editor

Change Is the Only Constant


Engineering The Ideal Olympian

**Technology can determine who medals and who misses. Here’s how the U.S. athletes gained an edge this year. **By**** Erica Westly

Search For Other Earths

**Astronomers have found more than 1,000 planets outside our solar system. The next step is finding one like ours. **By Katie Peek

How To Find Our Planet’s Twin

So what exactly constitutes an Earth doppelganger? By Katie Peek

The End Of Anonymity

**This year, the FBI will roll out the world’s largest database for facial recognition. So far it’s just mug shots. But what if the technology could identify anyone? **By Erik Sofge

Beyond The Boom

**One company’s business jet could usher in a new age of supersonic travel. **By Clay Dillow

The Maker King

How Autodesk CEO Carl Bass is shaping a movement—all from his home workshop. By Jacob Ward




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