Six skateboards that absolutely shred

Don't forget your pads, helmets, and slip-on Vans.
Whether you want to bust tricks or just cruise around, there’s a skateboard That’ll get you shredding. Jarren Vink

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Whether you want to bust tricks or just cruise around, there’s a skateboard that’ll get you moving. These half-dozen options are perfect for different kinds of rides.

For indoors

The Revolution Core 32 helps hone your balancing skills. Perching on the 32-inch board atop the weighted roller is a challenge, but you can work your way up to rocking back and forth or even nailing rad kickflips.

For commuting

The electric Onewheel Pint can hit 16 mph and travel up to 8 miles on one charge. Internal accelerometers and gyros measure your motion, so its motor knows how to help keep you upright.

For tricks

The upward bends, or kicktails, at each end make the 8-inch-wide Alien Workshop ride a skate park staple. Push the rear tail into the ground with your foot to launch yourself skyward. (That’s called an ollie.)

For lengthy rides

At 3 feet long and 8.4 inches wide, there’s plenty of room on the maple-and-rosewood deck of Arbor’s Fish Groundswell board. All that space makes it easy to switch stances during an extended cruise.

For short rides

Small enough to carry in a deep backpack, the 22-inch Penny Australia has a sturdy, molded plastic deck with a textured waffle pattern for traction. No gritty tape means it won’t scuff your bag or clothes.

This story appeared in the Summer 2020, Play issue of Popular Science.