It might be hard to believe, but there is a dedicated contingent of MP3 player loyalists who swear by the technology for several reasons. Some of them have large music collections full of rare tracks that aren’t available on streaming services. Some of them are audiophiles who can’t stand the sound they get out of their phones. Still others simply want to listen to tunes on jogs, hikes, and at the gym without having the constant temptation that all their phone’s social media apps bring with it.

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Sony’s Walkman brand has a long, storied history. Heck, the company could have owned the MP3 player market if it weren’t for that pesky Steve Jobs. But now, if you want an MP3 player with high-quality sound that supports a wide range of audio files, Sony is the brand to check out. This model comes with 128GB of built-in storage as well as a Micro SD slot. Its advanced amplifier delivers hi-def sound in spades, and the device even features sound enhancement technology that can restore fidelity to compressed music files. Its touch screen is elegant and intuitive and its wi-fi and Android compatibility means you can use any of the streaming services you please. A Bluetooth 5.0 connection with LDAC codec allows for near-hi-res audio quality over wireless headphones.

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This tiny gadget hides a lot of power under its hood. It can count steps. Its dual microphones allow for outgoing calls and sound recording. You can record conversations or live music. It features a Bluetooth connection and has a battery that supports 10 hours of playback. What it does not have is storage. But that’s OK, because it supports SD cards, which means you can upload your song catalog to an SD card and you’re good to go. On top of that, touch functionality allows you to easily swipe to new songs, change the display from song lyrics to album covers, and even delete tunes.

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This tiny waterproof MP3 player and accompanying buds are designed to tag along with you on a swim. It has 10 hours of battery life and holds 8 GB worth of music, which translates to about 2,000 songs. Its shuffle mode is perfect to keep you motivated during a swim or a very sweaty workout. The device does not set out to mimic your smartphone which is a bonus. Your selfie can wait when you’re hitting on your 10th lap.

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If our first Sony is a little too much for you, this stripped-down version of the Walkman might just fill the bill. Its main attraction is 8 GB of storage with 35 hours of audio playback. Add to that an FM tuner and a photo viewer and you have yourself a worthwhile little gadget that does not involve much fuss. You won’t get a touchscreen, but instead an intuitive LCD display. It comes with a pair of headphones and a USB charger.