Father’s Day is only a few days away, and if you’re still looking for a great gift for your dad, we’re not here to judge—we’re here to help. It’s hard to beat a handmade present, and the projects on this list are almost guaranteed to impress.

And if Pops is particularly handy, you may want to suggest the two of you build one of these together. Quality time is a gift on its own.

Motion-controlled fan

an electric fan controlled by an Arduino to be motion-controlled
With this setup, Dad will never have to turn on the fan again. Jeremy S. Cook

It’s an undeniable fact that some dads get hot and sweaty, even if they’re just sitting on the couch. If yours is constantly fanning himself and has to change shirts midday during the summer, consider hooking up a nice fan to an Arduino Uno. It’ll keep Dad cool whether he’s lounging around or working in the garage, and then automatically turn off when he’s not around. Follow this link for the instructions. >>

Three-legged stool

a wooden three-legged stool on a brick patio
This little seat has countless uses. Courtney Starr

A sturdy three-legged stool has myriad uses. Your dad can use it to tie his shoes, for extra seating, or as a footrest at the end of a long day. Even if he knows how to handle a hammer and saw, he may not know the trick to leveling the legs. Show him how it’s done. The plans are right through here. >>

Folding saw horses

folding saw horses in use and folded for storage
I started with a flattened box on two trash cans. Now I’ve got a flattened box on two saw horses, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. John Kennedy

A good set of saw horses is a solid investment. But there’s no need to buy some when you can make them yourself. These are fairly simple and fold up for easy storage. That means extra space for the lawnmower, gardening tools, cat food, or whatever other stuff your dad likes to keep around. Learn the step-by-step. >>

Floating key cabinet

a key organizer cabinet hung on the wall with a hidden French cleat
Extra points if the cabinet matches the door. David Kaleko

This small cabinet might be the most challenging project on the list, but it’s worth it. You’ll really need to know your way around a table saw, but when you’re done, the hidden French cleat will make the cabinet look like it’s floating on the wall. It’s sure to spruce up any home’s entryway. Check out the detailed how-to. >>

Window seat

a cushioned window seat in a bedroom dormer window
So inviting! Jose Mendoza

Maybe your dad loves sitting by the window, watching birds and admiring nature while contemplating existence. Even if the birds are pigeons and nature is the bustle of a thriving metropolis. With a few 2-by-4s, some plywood, and a bit of moulding, you can build him a luxurious window seat (as long as there’s a spot for it). Get started right here. >>

Cutting board

a person holding a handmade DIY cutting board with cheese, grapes, carrots, and strawberries on it
Start now so you’re ready for Father’s Day. Courtney Starr

Some dads love to cook, and a rustic wooden cutting board is a definite visual improvement over any rectangular plastic one. You can craft this with hand or power tools, and it will look great hanging on the kitchen wall. Dad may even find he likes to use it as a serving platter or a carrying tray. This way for everything you need to know. >>