50+ last-minute gifts to get everyone on your list ready for 2024

Procrastinators rejoice. We've found plenty of great home, tech, kitchen gifts and more you can still get before the holidays.
Last Minute gifts for 2023 including the Ninja Creami, the Leatherman Multitool, the Fellow kettle, and the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini action camera
Stan Horaczek

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We get it. Holiday gift-giving season is at its peak, and it’s moving quickly. Don’t worry, procrastinators. There’s still time to get something great for the people around you (or yourself; we won’t judge) and have it wrapped and ready without anyone being the wiser. To help get you started on finishing your shopping, we’ve collected gifts across every category and price point and labeled them to make finding just the right thing that much easier. Be warned: These gifts are great but will likely sell out (or see their delivery date slip), so act fast.

Best camera that can go anywhere: GoPro HERO11 Black Mini

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If your gift list includes someone who loves to travel, they should include the ultimate adventure camera. Weighing in at just 4.7 ounces, this miniaturized version of the rugged GoPro HERO11 Black camera still sports some truly high-end features. It can pull down 4K or even 5.3K footage, depending on how much resolution you want (and how much space you have on your memory card). GoPro’s robust mounting system and accessory selection allow the camera to go just about anywhere. It easily attaches to a bike helmet, a car door, a tripod, or even your dog. Built-in HyperSmooth 5.0 tech makes every video look like it was shot with a high-end stabilizer, even if you’re using an accessory like the new Extension Pole + Waterproof Shutter Remote accessory to capture some truly unique and otherwise impossible angles. Plug the camera in to charge, and it can automatically upload footage to the cloud while automatically creating a highlight video of the adventure; no editing skills necessary.

Best for movie nights: Popsmith Starter Bundle

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If popcorn is the preferred snack of the household, consider Popsmith the harbinger of puffy stuff that rivals movie theater fare. The Popsmith Starter Bundle gives you a luxe popcorn popper and 10 ready-to-make popcorn kits—five each of the Oh Sooo Buttery and Sweet n Salty Kettle Corn mixes—to make as much popcorn as you want. You’ll have to be a little careful when using the Kettle Corn mix so the sugar doesn’t burn, but making it is easy: Simply dump the pre-measured package (which includes coconut oil, seasoning, and kernels) into the popper over medium-high heat, spin the handle clockwise, and wait until the popping fades. You’ll have enough popcorn to split among four people. You can reorder your favorite popcorn mix when you’re done, or you can buy kernels in bulk to perfect your own at-home recipes. The popper is dishwasher-safe, making clean-up just as easy.

Best for music lovers: AirPods Pro (2nd gen.) with USB-C

AirPods Pro

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What can we say, if you’re shopping for a last-minute gift this holiday season, the AirPods Pro 2 should be at the top of your list. They’re our pick for the best wireless earbuds due to their audio fidelity, active noise cancellation support, battery life, and comfort. They work best when paired to Apple devices, but will still work well with Android phones and Windows computers. Better still, these earbuds have been discounted by $50 for a limited time during the holidays, so pick up a pair now before they jump pack up in price.

Best for tea drinkers: Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Tea Kettle

Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Tea Kettle

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Fellow’s electric kettle is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves tea, coffee, or wants to expedite cooking tasks like rehydrating dried vegetables. This kettle has an immaculate, minimalist design, but its understated look belies its impressive technical features. You can set the kettle to a precise temperature, which is displayed on an LCD screen on the kettle’s base. Additional features include the ability to set a stopwatch to fully extract the flavor of your tea and coffee, which is helpful for those who use expensive leaves and beans, respectively. This countertop appliance has a place in almost any kitchen, and the person you gift it to will wonder how they did without one for so long. Know somebody who wants to take pour-over control to the pinnacle? Invest a bit more in the Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Studio Electric Gooseneck Kettle.

Best for pizza enthusiasts: Ooni Volt

Ooni Volt

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What’s better than a pizza oven that allows you to make pizzeria-quality pies at home? One that can be used whether it’s sunny, rainy, snowy, or anything in between. The Ooni Volt is the company’s first electric pizza oven, the ultimate gift for aspiring pizzaiolos. The oven can reach temperatures of up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit (most conventional ovens top out at either 500 or 550) and has heating elements above and below the pizza stone to ensure even cooking. Dials on the front of the Ooni Volt make it easy to adjust its temperature, bias heat to the top or bottom heating element, or set a cooking timer. When the Volt is at its maximum temperature, you can cook a twelve-inch Neopolitan pizza in under two minutes. Little design touches, like a clear pane on the front door that allows you to monitor your cook, ensure you’ll always get excellent results.

Best for leftover lovers: Anyday Everyday Set

Anyday Everyday Set

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There’s “microwave-safe” cookware and then there’s the Everyday Set from Anyday. The frosted glass cookware is dishwasher safe, freezer safe, non-toxic, and comes in multiple sizes, which is why we’re inclined to jump in with both feet and gift the Everyday set. We’ve been pleased not only by how well this cookware performs—our from-scratch and reheated microwaved foods have never been cooked so consistently—but by how each size is perfect for different applications. The home cook with this set will be able to make everything from a full pot of rice to a small chicken completely in the microwave. The company’s website offers a bevy of new recipes for the microwave skeptic, too, in case you’re shopping for a skeptic.

Best for cast iron curious cooks: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet

Kitchen staple

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The classic. The thing you want your grandmother to pass down to you. Get it today and, every time you use it, the seasoning will just get more set, making it increasingly nonstick. Unlike a normal pan, cast iron pans have superior heat retention and no weak spots that produce uneven heating. While cast irons are a kitchen essential, seasoning them can be a stressful process—so this Lodge option comes pre-seasoned so you can get cooking right away. Use it to sear, saute, bake, broil, braise, fry or grill. From Dutch pancakes to cast iron pizzas, the possibilities are endless.

Best for pasta makers: MARCATO Atlas 150

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If you’re shopping for someone interested in making homemade pasta, our only gift recommendation is the MARCATO Atlas 150. Made in Italy from steel and colored aluminum, the machine feels solid in the hand, and is designed to last a lifetime. The hand-crank pasta maker comes with a clamp to hold it steady, and a pair of blades to cut thick and thin noodles. The Atlas 150 can be used to make pasta sheets between .19 and .020 thick, which means it’s suitable for making any well-known pasta shape, including lasagna sheets. Using the Atlas 150 will require some elbow grease—unless you generously gift them a drive motor, too—but the results will be well worth it. Once they start making homemade pasta, it’ll be hard for them to go back to a box.

Best for cooks in small kitchens: Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Pot

Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Pot

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Kuhn Rikon’s 4th Burner Pot was specifically designed to be used on the smallest burner found on a stovetop. If you’re shopping for a home cook who cares about efficiency, this gift will please them immeasurably. The pot comes with a steam basket, which can also be used to boil smaller vegetables or thick pasta (think rigatoni) and easily lift them out of boiling water. Small touches, like the covering on the top and side handles that make both parts grippier are especially nice touches. We guarantee the chef in your life doesn’t have this tool in their arsenal, and they’ll immediately begin figuring out the most efficient ways to use it.

Best for fermenters: Masontops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

Gets better with time

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A fermenting kit can add delicious elements to your kitchen. Whether it’s a crispy pickle with a sandwich, kimchi in a noodle bowl, or sauerkraut with German sausage, it’s surprisingly easy to make these aged eats from home. One of the beauties of pickling is that there’s not a ton of prep upfront, and then you check the lid for a few days, and voila: impressive homemade pickled delicacies. This is a perfect gift for the culinary-inclined and will last them for years. Check online for recipes, then mix it up once you’ve mastered the basics.

Best for new iPhone owners: CASETiFY Impact Ring Stand Case for iPhone 15 Pro

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If you know someone on your list who is getting Apple’s latest and greatest phone, you should gift them a protective case to go with it. CASETiFY’s Impact case is the full package: Its unique design will help their phone stand out, with reinforced corners, 6.6-foot drop protection, and compatibility with MagSafe. Its coolest feature is its integrated stand, which lets you prop your phone up by pulling out the rim around its camera, which folds out. This stand will make it easier for the person you gift it to watch videos, make and take video calls, or keep up with live events while their hands are full.

Best for audiophiles: Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5

Bang u0026 Olufsen Beosound A5

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Audiophiles can be hard to shop for if you’re not into the hobby yourself, but this year our gift recommendation is simple. It’s hard to describe just how good Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound A5 sounds without seeming hyperbolic. The portable speaker was excels from its industrial design—including a sustainable design that allows pieces to be swapped out if one breaks—to B&O’s latest amp and drivers. The Beosound A5 delivers room-filling sound that’s on-par with many premium at-home speakers we’ve tried, except that you can grab its wooden handle and take it anywhere. Smart features like support for Wi-Fi connectivity and AirPlay 2 are technical cherries on top of a great-sounding cake. In its category, Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound A5 is peerless.

Best for aspiring bakers: Falcon Enamelware Bake Set

Falcon Enamelware Bake Set

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Falcon’s five-piece Enamelware Bake Set is a great gift for a baker who wants to up their brownie, mac & cheese, crumble, buckle, or crisp game. It’s comprised of: one 1 x 14½-inch bake pan, one 1 x 13⅜-inch bake pan, one 1 x 12¼-inch bake pan, and a pair of 2 x 7⅞-inch pie dishes. Each piece is made from dishwasher safe, freezer-friendly, ceramic-covered steel. This bakeware can be used safely in ovens set up to 530 degrees fahrenheit, but is not suitable for microwaves. One of our favorite aspects of this set is that each piece fits neatly within the others, which makes them easy to store and grab. Anyone who wants a fully equipped but clutter-free kitchen will love this gift. It’s even available in three colors: white with a blue rim, pillarbox red, and pigeon grey, so you can find one that matches their style.

Best for language lovers: Vasco V4 Language Translator Device

Vasco V4 Language Translator Device

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Traveling to a new country can be intimidating if you don’t know the language, but Vasco’s V4 can solve that problem once and for all. The device, which looks like a smartphone, can translate between 108 languages by speaking into it. Translations will be displayed on its five-inch display. You can also get text and photo translations in 90 and 108 languages, respectively. The V4 works over WiFi but can connect to cellular satellites in roughly 200 countries. Cellular connectivity is free for the device’s lifetime, so there’s no monthly or one-time fee you have to pay while traveling. Vasco says the V4 is dust-proof, shock-proof, and water-resistant, so it should hold up in the face of minor accidents. The company says it can last for roughly five days per charge, but the amount you get will be dependent on how often you use it.

Best for meal preppers: Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes

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We all know at least one person who likes to think ahead and always have a meal ready in advance. Do them a favor and gift them a set of Souper Cubes. The silicon containers have four 250mL (roughly 1.1 cup) cavities, which can be used to store liquid or solid ingredients to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Your giftee could use two of the molds for soup, and leave the other two for flavorful toppings. Pre-shredded vegetables and cheese separated in their own sections could be defrosted and deployed during an at-home taco night. The Souper Cubes are an excellent gift for the efficient home chef, or someone who would like to like to cook at home more often but finds themselves running out of time.

Best for bread bakers: Emile Henry Modern Bread Cloche

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If the person you’re shopping for this holiday season isn’t interested in using an appliance to bake bread, we have the solution: Emile Henry’s Modern Bread Cloche. This two-piece ceramic baking dish creates the perfect baking environment for an artisan loaf by tightly surrounding it with radiating heat. Additionally, using this Cloche won’t require a baker to carefully lower their dough into a too-hot-to-touch preheated Dutch oven. When the loaf is done, the top piece can be easily removed to unveil the loaf, while the bottom piece of the Cloche features a textured pattern, which prevents bread from sticking to it. Whether they’re making dough by hand, stand mixer, or machine, Emile Henry’s Modern Bread Cloche will make sure each loaf they’ve proofed comes out perfectly.

Silpat Half Size Nonstick Baking Mat

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Silpat’s nonstick baking mats are legendary for their durability and the ability to keep even the stickiest substances—looking at you molton hot sugar leaking cinnamon buns—from sticking or leaving a mark. This two pack of half-sized baking mats is designed to fit perfectly inside a pair of 13- x 18-inch baking sheets. These mats can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and only need to be lightly rinsed with water to clean. A baker who’s tired of tearing off sheets of parchment paper each time they bake, which can be especially tedious during long baking sessions, would be thrilled to receive these Silpat Baking Mats as a gift.

Best for breakfast lovers: Made In Carbon Steel Griddle

MadeIn Carbon Steel Griddle

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Need a gift for someone who wakes up every morning ready to make bacon and eggs? MadeIn’s Carbon Steel Griddle, which is long enough to fit across two burners, has a large surface area for bacon, eggs, french toast, pancakes, and other breakfast delights. Its carbon steel construction is pre-seasoned and naturally nonstick, and its sides are tilted inward to catch grease and keep your kitchen clean. You can use this griddle on gas, induction, and electric cooktops. While we’re recommending this for folks who love breakfast, it’s just as useful for making smash burgers, sauteed vegetables, and plenty of other savory delights.

Best for ice cream wizards: Ninja Creami

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The Ninja Creami is the only gift you should consider for someone who loves ice cream. The set-it-and-forget it nature of the Creami allows you to make ice cream, gelato, sorbet, milkshakes, Italian ice, and other frozen treats with minimal intervention. After freezing the ice cream base in the included pint container overnight, you stick it into the Creami, hit one button, and the machine takes care of the rest. Blades will churn the ice cream to the correct consistency based on the frozen treat you’ve selected. You have the option to pause midway through to fold in mix-ins, but beyond that all you have to do is wait for the machine to do its job. This deluxe package comes with a pair of XL-sized prints, each of which holds 24 ounces of ice cream. Additional XL pints can be purchased separately if you want a constant supply of ice cream.

Best for fancy home cooks: Breville Joule Turbo

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Breville’s Joule Turbo is the latest model in the company’s successful sous vide line, and it succeeds in solving the biggest issue with this style of cooking: the time commitment. The Turbo modulates the temperature of the water bath rather than keeping it at a set temperature to dramatically reduce the cook time of certain dishes. You still get all the benefits of sous vide cooking, including getting consistently perfect results with little to no fuss, just more quickly. The amount of time you’ll save will vary based on what’s being cooked, but some cook 50 percent faster. The home chef who “already has everything” will undoubtedly love this kitchen upgrade.

Best for sleep lovers: FluffCo Down Feather Pillow

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If you know someone who can’t wait to get a full eight hours of sleep every night, upgrade their experience with FluffCo’s Down Feather Pillow. Filled with premium duck down wrapped in cotton, its balance of softness and firmness will appeal to side and back sleepers alike. This pillow comes with its own pillow protector, but the person you gift it to can even get the pillow dry-cleaned to keep it in like-new condition if they’d like to do without. This is the type of practical gift anyone on your list would appreciate.

Best for conscientious concertgoers: Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

Best for concertgoers

Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs

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Buying surprise concert tickets for someone can get dicey—even if you know they love the artist, it’s hard to make sure their calendar is and will remain open before they get the gift. Or that they won’t just buy tix themselves. But something you can do is improve every concert experience with reusable earplugs. Low-profile, with a carrying case and multiple sizes of eartips (just like your favorite wireless earbuds), the Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs use an attenuating filter in the central sound tube to reduce harmful sound levels by 22dB without muffling what is heard. This improves everything from performances to weird conversations in the bathroom line. These earplugs may only cost $30 (stash an extra pair in the car for yourself or a forgetful friend), but someone preserving their hearing is a priceless gift that keeps on giving.

Best for handy people: Leatherman Super Tool 300

Leatherman Super Tool 300

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If you’re searching for the best bang-for-your-buck gift for the person in your life who spends their time fixing things or tackling DIY projects, you can’t beat Leatherman’s Super Tool 300. Its name may seem hyperbolic, but the multitool has 19 functions, ranging from cutting and slicing to measuring and plying. It’s made from stainless steel, which is a durable material that won’t bend or crack in the middle of the job. Leatherman’s 25-year warranty doesn’t hurt either. Part of the fun of this gift will be hearing about all the ways your giftee uses it over time, which is especially exciting because the Super Tool 300 encourages creativity through its multi-functionality.

Best for the couch potato: The Comfy Wearable Blanket

Blanket meets hoodie

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The Comfy looks ridiculous, but any semblance of pretension melts away whenever one puts it on. This is basically a blanket masquerading as a one-size-fits-all oversized hoodie. The Comfy is probably best recommended for at-home use, but it’s well worth a look if you’re shopping for someone who wants to binge-watch shows all winter without freezing. The Comfy’s sherpa inner lining and microfiber outer lining are soft to the touch, which makes it easy to wear for hours at a time, while the centered pouch gives one a place to put their hands. The Comfy is objectively ridiculous, but it’s also ridiculously warm.

Need something that can be worn or laid on the ground as a blanket? The Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho features compressible eraLoft insulation that’s water resistant and lightweight without sacrificing warmth. When worn, it offers a barrier against wind and rain, while also offering a barrier against the cold hard ground when spread out.

Best for someone who needs a lighter layer: Jack Wolfskin Men’s Routeburn Pro

Jack Wolfskin

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Jack Wolfskin’s Routeburn Pro will keep the person you gift it to toasty all season long without adding the weight and bulk commonly associated with Winter jackets. That’s because it uses a material technology called Texashield, which offers excellent insulation, wind resistance and water resistance in a thin layer. It’s even breathable, so there’s little chance of your giftee accidentally overheating if they’re exerting themselves while shoveling. We’ve worn this jacket ourselves, and in our tests it did an excellent job protecting us from harsh winds without making sitting down in a New York City subway seat a major inconvenience.

Best for campers and commuters: Hydro Oasis 128 oz Insulated Cup

The long haul

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Hydro Flask’s Insulated Cup is a double-insulated stainless steel mug made from proprietary materials that allow it to keep beverages hot for several hours without requiring any fancy technology. The cup is available in over a dozen colors and three sizes, but we’re partial to the 16-ounce option as it’s the equivalent of a medium-sized coffee or tea from popular cafes. The leakproof lid creates a tight enough seal that Hydro Flask’s Insulated Cup can be stored in a bag or purse without spilling all over the place. The icing on the cake is that this mug can be cleaned in a dishwasher. (Does your gift recipient need some summer hydration help as well? We have lots of insulated water bottles we recommend.)

Best for e-nthusiastic e-readers: Amazon Kindle


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We all know someone trying to read more, so what better gift to give them than a Kindle? The device has a 6-inch display that’s similar to that of a paperback, has enough storage to hold hundreds of books, and can last several weeks on a charge. The Kindle is a better device for reading than a smartphone or tablet because its e-ink screen will diffuse light rather than create a glare. This display is also easier on your eyes, which is helpful during late-night reading sessions.

Best for battery life worriers: Anker 20,000mAh Portable Charger

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Battery packs are a dime a dozen, but Anker’s latest one bests them all. The 20,000mAh power bank has an integrated USB-C cable, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your cord at home. It also has a USB-C PD port and USB-A port, which allows it to charge three devices simultaneously. At 20,000mAh, the battery pack can fully charge a smartphone once, and is powerful enough to fast charge a tablet at 22.5W. The most clever part of this battery’s design is that its integrated cable can be used to plug it into a charger to recharge. This is a fantastic gift for travelers, or that one friend who’s phone battery always dies halfway through a night out.

Best for sustainable shoppers: Nook Theory Reusable Insulated Grocery Bag

Nook Theory Reusable Insulated Grocery Bag

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Sometimes the smallest gifts can make the biggest impact, and that’s certainly the case with Nook Theory’s Reusable Insulated Grocery Bags. Large enough to accomodate enough produce, cans, meat, and dairy for the a single person’s weekly shopping list, the bag also impresses with its insulation (which keeps cold foods cool and hot foods warm) and understated look. Side pockets can accommodate reusable water bottles, while the sturdy bottom prevents it from tipping over or collapsing in on itself as you begin to pack it. If you’re shopping for someone who’s resolved to make 2024 the year they go green, this is a great gift to help give them a nudge.

Best for your friend who doesn’t drink: Figlia Fiore

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Bring the lushness of an Italian garden to your friend’s home with the Figlia Fiore nonalcoholic aperitivo. It’s floral, aromatic, and bitter, and also contains all-natural ingredients, juices, and no artificial colors and sugars. It’s also one of our favorite nonalcoholic beverages. Drink it over ice with an orange peel or with seltzer.

Best for your California sober friend: PAX Plus vaporizer

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If your friend likes to “garden,” the PAX Plus Vaporizer is like a super-powered shovel that makes it easy to … tend to their greenery. It uses conduction heating to heat the THC off the bud, giving you a smokeless experience that’s easier on your lungs. It’s super intuitive to use, and it’s also super discreet. Should you use it immediately at the holiday gathering? You could if you wanted to. You can also get it personalized for an extra $20 to make this gift extra-special.

Best hair care set: Act+Acre Cold Processed Hair Care Set 

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If you have a long-haired lover in your life, this haircare bundle will make them feel like they walked out of the salon after every hairwashing day. It’s perfect for oily, dry, and damaged hair, and it’s sulfate-free. Basil leaf removes build-up and impurities, Moringa strengthens hair and prevents damage, and ylang-ylang smoothes frizz and adds shine. It’s like skincare for your scalp. Speaking off …

Best for dry hands and noses: selfmade Secure Attachment Comfort Serum and Corrective Experience Comfort Cream Comfort Zone bundle

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I (Amanda Reed, hi) absolutely love this bundle. The serum is perfect by itself as a primer or layered under or over lotion for a boost of hydration, and the Comfort Cream smells incredible. The Comfort Cream—which I use all over my body—doesn’t feel greasy when it dries down, making it perfect for when you want to throw on some skinny jeans after lotioning your legs. Both harness the power of hyaluronic acid, marine algae, and squalene to keep your skin barrier healthy.

Best for tired feet: Comrad Knee High Compression Socks

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Compression socks are great if your friend experiences foot swelling or overall leg pain. These from Comrad are comfortable and stylish and come in all kinds of heights, including ankle, crew, and no-show. They also come in wide-calf sizing, so your sporty friend who makes big leg gains can get in on the compression sock benefits.

Best for people with cold feet: Heat Holders Thermal Socks

Start from the toes

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When you’re cold, it makes sense to heat yourself from the bottom up, which is why everyone should have a pair (or six) of thermal socks. Heat Holders socks are made out of yarn that’s been developed in-house and knitted to hold in warm air without cutting off your circulation. Yes, the socks will add some bulk to one’s feet, but that’s kind of the point. Nobody wants sweaty feet, but that shouldn’t be an issue since the yarn Heat Holders automatically wicks away moisture. The company says its socks are over seven times warmer than traditional cotton pairs, which is reason enough to stuff them in a stocking. Don’t have cold feet about getting these, and you won’t have cold feet getting outside. (And if you really want to take it to the next level, there are always battery-powered heated socks, insoles and slippers.)

Best for the far-away friend: Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles

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Made of scented soy wax, these hefty and highly specific candles burn for 60 hours, leaving your room with an aroma of home. Visit the Amazon store to browse their entire collection, which includes city, state, and specialty candles. Washington, my home state, is “the scent of soft downpours, steeped Earl Grey tea, and mild hints of cedar and patchouli,” while my current city, New York, promises “spring days in Central Park, fine department stores, and concrete capture the energy of the greatest city on Earth.” Ha.

Best for frequent flyers: MLVOC 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow

For Sound Sleeping

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Sleeping in coach can be super uncomfortable, and those tiny pillows most airlines provide don’t help. A frequent traveler can always use a pillow to rest on, particularly when stuck waiting forever at the departure gate. If they don’t want to lug one of the memory-foam headrests on their bed at home through airports, a neck pillow will be a good substitute in a pinch. This travel pillow is curved to fit your neck and stop your head from falling forward while you’re drifting off into dreamland. It comes with a sleep mask and earbuds to ensure a comfortable slumber.

Best for gadget-carrying globetrotters: Safest Travel Adapter Kit

Global Convenience

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There are few inconveniences of international travel more frustrating than arriving in a new country and not being able to use your electronics in your hotel or Airbnb because the plugs won’t fit into the wall outlets. This travel adaptor kit has six different adaptors that cover pretty much the entire globe, as well as a main unit that can accommodate two USB and two plug items so you can use one kit to power four different devices. The adapters fit into an opening in the main unit. Surge protection and a voltage indicator protect your electronics from unexpected acts of electricity, and it’s usable with most kinds of electronics, as long as the devices are dual voltage. A travel pouch keeps everything in one place, and the set is lightweight, so it won’t add much bulk to carry-on luggage.

Best for luggage locators: Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

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Apple developed AirTags to help you track down lost items in your couch, house, and beyond, and this is particularly handy for travelers whose luggage has gone missing. The small tracker can fit into any small pocket and will allow you to track your luggage as it moves from one place to another (or doesn’t). Apple hardware is often locked down to their platform, but not in this case: The AirTag can be set up and managed with Apple or Android devices.

Best for tent campers: Kelty Late Start 2P

Kelty 2P Tent

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For those wanting a tent that will protect them no matter the conditions, Kelty’s Late Start 2P is our top choice. This two-person tent—single and four-person models are also available—is made from lightweight but durable polyester fabrics that provide ample coverage from the rain without inhibiting constant airflow. The tent’s pair of pre-bent stakes make it easy to set up and break down the tent, and every piece folds down enough that it fits in an easy-to-carry pouch that resembles a rolled-up sleeping bag. If you’re shopping for a camper but don’t know where to start, a brand-new tent is the right place to start.

Best for comfortable campers: Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree 550 Down Fill Sleeping Bag

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If you’re shopping for someone looking to extend the camping season as far as possible, they’ll be thrilled with this sleeping bag from Kelty, which is designed to keep folks toasty in temperatures as low as 20 degrees. The duck-down-insulated sleeping bag has a trapezoidal shape that tapers down at the bottom and insulates heat far more effectively than the more familiar rectangular sleeping bag. Kelty offers the Cosmic 20 in three sizes: small, regular, and long, which can accommodate campers up to 5.6 feet, 6 feet, and 6.6 feet, respectively. Each sleeping bag has the same features, but make sure to get the one that’s best suited for the camper in your life.

Best for beach beverage drinkers: YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

YETI Tundra 35 Coole

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YETI’s coolers are some of our favorites and have earned a stellar reputation due to their extreme “bear-proof” durability and ability to keep food cold for several hours (if not days) thanks to their insulation and heavy-duty rubber locks. We recommend the YETI for keeping your drinks cold during a multi-day camping trip or for preserving perishables during the initial period of a camping trip. YETI says this cooler’s 35L capacity can hold 20 cans with a 2:1 ice-to-beverage ratio. The box-like shape of YETI’s cooler makes it easy to transport, and its side handles make it surprisingly comfortable to carry.

Best for backyard upgraders: Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

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If you’re shopping for someone who’s into glamping and/or extremely concerned about the very real issue of wildfires, or who just likes to host backyard hangs year-round, Solo Stove’s Bonfire 2.0 is the fire pit we recommend. It was designed to be “smokeless,” meaning a continuous flow of air, and an intelligently placed ash pan, prevent tons of smoke from billowing out of it constantly. There’ll still be some smoke, but not enough to make your eyes water, which means campers can sit closer to it (but not too close) to enjoy its warmth. Solo Stove addressed our one complaint with the original Bonfire by making this model’s ashtray easily removable, which makes cleanup a breeze.

Best for efficient travelers: TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe

TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe

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Every traveler needs a good backpack regardless of whether they’re adventuring through land, air, or sea, and we highly recommend the Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe from Timbuk2. Its shoulder straps are well padded, which makes it easy to carry for extended periods of time, and there are plenty of pockets for a laptop, tablet, chargers, accessories, snacks, and anything else you might need to bring with you. We’re also pleased that backpack is largely made from recycled materials without sacrificing durability.

Best for techies who drink coffee and tea: Ember Travel Mug

Cup of Joe

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Ember’s 12-ounce Travel Mug can keep beverages between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit for up to three hours thanks to a seven-sensor heating system and built-in battery pack. One can set the mug’s temperature through an app or by using its touch-sensitive display. Ember bundles its Travel Mug with a coaster, which doubles as a wireless charging pad. The mug will keep beverages warm continuously when it’s on the coaster, which is great for anyone who works at a desk. And it will warm your heart to know there are also options if you’re looking for a more “traditional” 14-ounce or 10-ounce coffee mug (also available in metallic finishes) or 6-ounce espresso cup.

Best for cold morning haters: Bedsure Heated Blanket

Personal heater

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Bedsure’s Heated Blanket is an essential gift for anyone who wants to make it through the winter without being tempted to reach for the thermostat. The flannel blanket’s heating coils are arranged to provide even heating, and a large controller lets you adjust their intensity between 104 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit. If one falls asleep with the blanket on, the heating coils will automatically shut off after three hours to prevent overheating. Surprisingly, Bedsure’s Heated Blanket is machine washable, so it can be kept clean without a big hassle. The only difficult decision will be whether to get this blanket in a single-person throw size or one that covers the entire bed.

Best for winter sports lovers: Stio Men’s Figment Jacket

Stio Men's Figment Jacket

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Wearing heavy clothing while skiing or snowboarding is inadvisable as it can make it more difficult to move, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your favorite outdoor sportsperson in the lurch this holiday season. Instead, go the extra mile and gift them a Figment Jacket from Stio. The thin jacket is impossibly warm thanks to the company’s use of durable, sustainable materials, including recycled polyester and custom-made PeakProof™ fabric, which keeps moisture from getting through. Well-positioned pockets make it easy to store and grab gear while you’re in the middle of a long run, while durable zippers make sure those pockets stay closed unless you want them opened. Available in both Men’s and Women’s styles, the Figment Jacket is the type of gift someone will appreciate each time they hit the slopes. If you’re shopping for someone who also needs an everyday jacket, we can also recommend Stio’s Saratoga Shearling Jacket.

Best for cold sleepers: Double Stitch Cotton Jacquard Quilt Set

Stay in bed

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It can be hard to fall asleep in a room that’s too cold, especially if you’ve got poor circulation, but that’s exactly what Double Stitch’s Cotton Jacquard Quilt Set prevents. The items in this set are made from 100% BCI-certified cotton that’s both soft smooth and 60% recycled materials. It’s even naturally vegan and allergen free. We were able to try this set out for ourselves, and can attest to both its comfort and ability to keep cool sleepers toasty all night long. The only downside to this set is that they may make it more difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Best for perpetually cold commuters: Kühl Stretch Voyagr Insulated Jacket

Kühl Stretch Voyagr Insulated Jacket

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Kühl’s name is ironic because the company’s Stretch Voyagr Insulated Jacket will keep the person you gift it to toasty until spring. The jacket is made from polyester but has spandex in the lining, which offers a little bit of give. Its five pockets give you places for your hands and belongings, and we’re especially fond of its internal security pocket, which is a must-have if you don’t want to keep your wallet or phone in your pants pocket. If you get caught in inclement weather unexpectedly, you’ll immediately appreciate this jacket’s hood, which actually stays on your head while it’s engaged instead of immediately slipping off. If you want to match this gift with a couple of other hot pieces of apparel, Kühl’s Hot Ryder pants and a Kühl Flannel shirt are also safe bets.

Best for people who needs more heat: Ostrichpillow Heatbag

Ostrichpillow heatbag ($59.99)

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If your friend constantly talks about getting a dog that will double as a warm cushion in the winter months, but their landlord doesn’t allow pets, gift them the next best thing. Ostrichpillow’s Heatbag is literally a squishy, energy-radiating pillow your friend can put their arms around. It won’t bark or wag its tail when they come home, but its clay interior can be reheated an unlimited number of times. Plus, it’s soft to the touch, and its memory foam shell will help conform to every weird sleeping position they adopt. The bag can also be used for physical therapy—heat it in the microwave and place it on sore muscles or strained joints for slow relief.

Best for the person who is still complaining they’re cold after all those cold gift suggestions: ORORO Heated Down Scarf

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If your friend is still talking about how they’re cold, this heated down scarf from ORORO combines the temperature regulation of down feathers with the immediate comfort of heated elements. It’s sleek, discreet, and stylish. You can wear it with a heated jacket or without. Judging by how cold your friend is, we will go with the heated jacket-heated scarf combo.

Best for on-the-go audiophiles: iFi xDSD Gryphon

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Those new ‘cans can’t showcase their best without proper power, which can be difficult to get on the go … difficult, that is, if someone doesn’t have the iFi xDSD Gryphon. The magic of the Gryphon lies in its versatility, which more than justifies its $599 price. You can cut the cord and use it, when fully charged, for up to 8 hours on the go with Bluetooth streaming over SBC, AAC for iOS, and up to 96kHz using LDAC, LHDC/HWA, or aptX HD/Adaptive on Android devices. Or you plug it in via USB, Coax, or Optical and ensure that no audio bit gets adulterated by wireless compression. Once you’re listening, you can enhance bass and/or upper midrange presence, as well as soundstage with iFi’s innovative XBass II and XSpace analog enhancements. Connected to your PC over USB-C, it will act as an external soundcard, eliminating the need for a dedicated desk setup—perfect with headphones and, when the Gryphon accepts a digital source, ports on the back can even be used to feed an external amp or powered monitors. The tremendous 1000mW @ 32 ohms of power on offer over its balanced connection also means this DAC can drive even very demanding headphones. The single-ended connection is much more limited at 320mW but is still enough to drive the vast majority of cans available today. And if you’re a fan of sensitive in-ear monitors (IEMs), don’t worry. The Gryphon also offers an iEMatch mode (assignable to either output) to prevent hiss from invading your favorite tracks, while maintaining dynamics.

Looking for something more pocketable but still powerful? The GO bar is a $329 32-bit/384kHz USB-C DAC/amp that offers 3.5mm and balanced 4.4mm outputs with 475mW max. into 32 ohms​/7.5V max. into 600 ohms, as well as support for selectable filters, iEMatch, XBass+, XSpace, DSD256, MQA, and more.

Got a pair of corded in-ear monitors and prefer to go wireless? The iFi GO Pods pack much of the same codec support and compatibility as the xDSD Gryphon in two high-output rechargeable ear loops, turning any IEMs—thanks to exchangeable connectors—into “true wireless” earbuds.

Best for console gamers: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

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If you’re in the position to give someone (or yourself) their very first console this holiday, don’t chase after the flashy new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. The Nintendo Switch is a better starter piece because it has something for everyone, whether that’s classic Mario or Zelda games, online team shooters like Overwatch, or even a game where you walk around as a goose, honking and messing with people. Nintendo also offers the Switch Lite for $100 less, but you can only play it handheld-style instead of connecting it to your TV. I’d suggest opting for the original version if you can swing it—the option to switch from TV to handheld is a delight. If you want to go a little more luxe, you can spend an extra $100 on the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, which has a larger, more vivid screen and plays all the same games, making it our favorite choice for whole-family fun.

Best For Nintendo Switch owners: PNY XLR8 512GB Gaming Class MicroSD Card

PNY XLR8 512GB Gaming Class MicroSD Card

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The Nintendo Switch is still our go-to game console recommendation due to its hybrid design and deep library of first- and third-party games. Our only real complaint is that the system only ships with 32GB of onboard storage for digital games. You can solve that issue with PNY’s XLR8, a 512GB MicroSD card designed with gaming in mind. With read and write speeds of 100 and 90MBps, respectively, you should see no difference in performance when digital games are downloaded onto this card. Better yet, you’ll still have access to the Nintendo Switch’s onboard storage and can pop in this MicroSD card with no tools. If you are holiday shopping for someone constantly deleting and re-downloading digital games, this can solve the issue once and for all.

Best for PlayStation 5 owners: SAMSUNG 990 PRO SSD (4TB)


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Know a PlayStation 5 gamer who loves digital games but is always out of storage? A 4TB Samsung 990 PRO SSD should solve that problem for a good long time. They’ll be able to quadruple their console’s internal storage capacity in about fifteen minutes with the help of a Phillips head screwdriver. Samsung’s SSD is fast, reliable, and has worked flawlessly in our tests. The latest premium PlayStation 5 games like Spider-Man 2 never hitch up or take longer than usual to load. We’d go so far as to say this high-capacity SSD is the best PlayStation 5 accessory you can get.

Best for comfortable couch gamers: 8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller

8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller

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8Bitdo’s Ultimate Bluetooth controller lives up to its name. The gamepad, which works with both the Nintendo Switch and Windows PCs, feels great in the hand, has a familiar button layout, and can switch between Bluetooth and a 2.4GHz wireless connection. Additionally, buttons on the back can be programmed on the back to trigger custom commands in compatible games. Perhaps the coolest thing about this controller is the included charging dock, which makes topping up its battery a lot easier. If you keep the controller docked when you’re not playing, it’ll never run out of juice. Xbox and PlayStation players shouldn’t feel left out, as the official first-party controllers for the Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 are available. If you’d like a wired option, PowerA has you covered.

Best for portable PC players: ASUS ROG Ally

Asus ASUS ROG Ally

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The ROG Ally is one of the most innovative gadgets we’ve reviewed in 2023, and it’s a fierce competitor to Valve’s venerable Steam Deck. The Ally runs a full version of Windows, which means you can play games from multiple digital game stores, from Steam to Xbox Game Pass. ASUS packed the ROG Ally with a 7-inch 1080P display, custom processor, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage, so it’s stacked enough to play the AAA games from 2023 at high settings. If you’re catching up with games released years ago, you should be able to push them to ultra settings while maintaining a steady framerate. Like the Nintendo Switch, you can connect this handheld to your TV to play games at higher-than-HD resolutions, too. As handheld gaming PCs go, the ASUS ROG Ally is the top of the heap, and any Windows gamer will sink hundreds of hours of games over the holiday season and beyond.

Best for console gamers and cinephiles: Samsung S95C OLED

Best overall

Samsung S95C OLED

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If the gamer in your life demands the absolute best fidelity from their games, Samsung’s S95C OLED is the ultimate screen. Samsung decked its high-end display with four HDMI 2.1 ports, allowing console and PC gamers to play the latest titles in 4K at up to 120 frames per second. Our reviewer played Returnal on a PlayStation 5 during his testing time and was extremely impressed with the results, even in a brightly lit room. The advantage OLED TVs have over their LCD counterparts is far better contrast and color reproduction. These are key specs for gamers since they’ll want the most immersive and lifelike experience possible. The good thing about this gift is that it can be enjoyed by non-gamers who want to watch TV shows and movies that look their best. v

Best for nostalgic typists: 8Bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard

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Gaming keyboards are nothing new, but 8BitDo’s Retro Mechanical Keyboard is more than just a nostalgia trip. The mechanical keyboard’s color scheme is themed after the original Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with red “B” and “A” buttons. But Windows users can use 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software 2 to customize its function row and other buttons to your liking. If you’re playing games, changing these macros can help give you a leg up—or stay competitive in popular titles. MacOS users won’t be able to use Ultimate Software 2, but that platform isn’t known for gaming. That said, the keyboard’s stock functions are completely compatible with the Mac. This keyboard can be connected to your computer in three ways: with a USB cable, over Bluetooth, or using the included 2.4GHz USB dongle. If you’d like the best-looking mechanical gaming keyboard around, this is it. If you’d like a keyboard with a slightly more modern design, SteelSeries’ Apex 3 has most of the same other features as its higher-end models for under $50. We’ve got other picks if you’d like even more options.

Best for online gamers: Logitech G PRO X

The best headset: Logitech G PRO X

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Hearing and speaking to teammates is essential when playing competitive multiplayer games online, which is why Logitech’s G Pro X is such a great gift. The headset can create a virtual 7.1 surround sound environment, so players will be able to hear opponents approaching from any direction. This makes a huge difference when playing games where every second counts. The G Pro X’s large, 50mm drivers will deliver clear sound regardless of which game they’re playing. The headset’s microphone is flexible, so gamers can move it around to find the perfect place for them. Communication is key during online matches, so having a microphone that’s always near and ready is a huge plus. This headset is compatible with PCs, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Or, if you’re feeling extra giving, there’s Audeze’s $299 Penrose wireless headset.

Best for smartphone gamers: Backbone One

Backbone One

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The Backbone One effectively turns your iPhone 15 or Android smartphone into a Nintendo Switch. This controller shell connects directly to the smartphone’s USB-C port and grips itself to both sides of the device. Once connected, gamers can play iOS titles that support external controllers with traditional buttons, triggers, and control sticks. The Backbone One can also be used by iPhone gamers who want to stream cloud games using services provided by Microsoft, Sony, and NVidia. This accessory brings out the full gaming potential of the iPhone or Android device. If you have an iPhone 14 or earlier, you’ll need to get the version of this controller with a Lightning jack instead.

Best for gamers with limited space: GEEKOM Mini PC

Bosgame Mini PC

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One of the biggest barriers to entry for would-be computer gamers, beyond cost, is finding enough space for a desktop, but GEEKOM’s latest Mini PC is an interesting solution. This compact gaming PC can run many newer titles at 1080P with medium to high settings enabled, and you may be able to eke out even more performance on a game-by-game basis. That’s largely due to the machine’s 13th-generation, 14-core Intel i9 processor, 32GB of RAM, and 2TB of NVMe SSD. There are less expensive mini PCs out there, but GEEKOM’s is one of the few that can offer excellent performance without a dedicated graphics card, and in a form factor this small. If you’re shopping for a lapsed PC gamer or someone who wants to try gaming on Windows, this is the gift.

Best gaming laptop: ASUS ROG Strix G16

ASUS ROG Strix G15

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Gaming laptops used to be incredibly compromised, but ASUS’ ROG Strix G16 proves how far technology has come. The Windows laptop has an Intel Core i9-13980HX processor, 16GB of RAM (memory), 1TB SSD, and a GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card with 8GB of dedicated video memory under the hood. Its 16-inch HD display has a refresh rate of 165Hz, which is better than most gaming monitors. A higher refresh rate allows the screen to keep up with fast-paced games without lagging. This laptop’s specs are overkill for casual gamers who mostly stick to indie titles, but it’s the right machine for gamers who like to live on the cutting edge, but travel too often to justify getting a high-end desktop. The laptop is also chock full of ports, so connecting accessories won’t require an adapter; it even has an HDMI port, so plugging it into a monitor or TV is a single cable affair.

Best for streamers: Elgato HD60 X

Elgato HD60 S+

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Elgato’s HD60 X simplifies the complicated process of getting console game footage onto your PC for editing or live streaming. The unassuming puck has HDMI ports and a USB port, which is all you’ll need to connect your console to a computer. The HD60 X can capture 1080p60 HDR10 or 4K30. It’s compatible with all current-generation game consoles and Windows PCs. If ever there was a great gaming stocking stuffer, this is it.

Best for podcasters: SteelSeries Alias

SteelSeries Alias

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It’s almost impossible to build an online audience for game streams without talking to them while you play, which is why SteelSeries’ Alias microphone is such an excellent gift for gamers. The microphone connects to a computer over USB, and LEDs on the mic itself will let you know whether your levels are peaking if you’re not monitoring your sound, and a knob on its front side allows you to quickly adjust your gain. This microphone is designed to work with SteelSeries’ Sonar software, which lets you adjust innumerable audio settings to get your voice sounding just right. A more budget-friendly USB alternative is Sennheiser’s Profile USB Microphone, which doesn’t match up to the Alias feature-for-feature but will make streamers sound better than their laptop mic would. Feeling spendy enough to assemble a broadcast-quality rig complete with external interface but unsure where to start? You could pick up one of our top breakout boxes and a microphone for vocals or bump up to the SteelSeries Alias Pro, which comes with its own.

Best for DIY enthusiasts: Cricut Joy Xtra

Cricut Joy Xtra

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Cricut’s machines have become a phenomenon due to their power and ease of use, allowing anyone into DIY to customize cups, create stickers, personalize clothes, and much more. The Joy Xtra packs the power of Cricut’s larger units into a far more apartment-friendly size, which will make it much more accessible to even more makers. Once you create your design using Cricut’s easy-to-use digital tools, you can print it on over 50 materials. This includes cardstock for DIY holiday cards, poster board for projects, Iron-On for custom shirts, and even photo paper. The magic of the Cricut Joy Xtra is that it does most of the precise work for you, which makes it an incredible gift for the creative person in your life who’s ready to get more into making in the new year.

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