The first years of parenthood are exhilarating and exhausting, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to let the new dad in your life know his efforts are appreciated. We’ve found some of the best first Father’s Day gifts to show Dad that you’re grateful for all the diaper changes and sleepless nights. This gift guide includes something for everyone, from tech-savvy pops to dads who unwind in the kitchen. We’ve also listed some funny Father’s Day gifts and unique gifts for Dad that will show him that even though life is all about baby now, one day of the year is just for him.

Unique gifts for dads with babies and toddlers

When searching for the best first Father’s Day gifts, remember that the adjustment to parenthood is a big one. Getting out of the house becomes more difficult when there’s a little one at home to take care of. Gone are the days of spontaneous beers with buddies, last-minute road trips, and going to see a movie on a whim.  But just because a dad is putting in extra hours at home with the baby doesn’t mean he can’t still have fun and enjoy his old hobbies. We found some unique gifts for Dad that bring his favorite outings into the home.

Most unique gifts, runner-up: YABER Y31 Home Projector

This home projector is another great Father’s Day gift for a new dad who’s spending more time at home. For movie-loving dads who aren’t catching as many flicks as they used to, this home projector is a way to bring the feel of a movie theater into your living room. Mount the projector to the ceiling and display favorite films on the big screen. The projector is equipped with stereo speakers and connects to most devices (TV, laptop, Xbox, iPhones & Android devices, to name a few) so you can stream movies from your preferred medium. The home projector is a fun gift to kick in-home or backyard movie nights up a notch.

Funny Father’s Day gifts for first-timers

When searching for the best first Father’s Day gifts, bear in mind that nothing says “adulting” more than becoming a father. Taking on the responsibility of a brand new human requires a touch of maturity—but that doesn’t mean Dad has to lose his sense of humor. In fact, fatherhood can open up an entirely new realm of humor for dads as they familiarize themselves with the new world of puns and dad jokes. A funny Father’s Day gift is a great way to show a new dad that funny doesn’t stop at fatherhood, and it might even be the only way to survive it!

Best funny Father’s Day gifts: Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet

Olympia Provisions

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Moms looking for a great gift for their husband’s first Father’s Day need look no further. Any husband who has spent Valentine’s Days, anniversaries, and birthdays on the hunt for the perfect bouquet of flowers for his wife will get a kick out of the gesture being reciprocated with this salami bouquet. Olympia Provisions, based in Oregon, makes this “six-stemmed salami bouquet” that includes different premium, slow-cured salamis that’ll have meat lovers’ mouths watering. 

Best funny gifts, runner-up: Spartan Steak Knife Set “Carnivore’s Edition” 

Missing Digit Woodshop

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What better way to slice up your salami bouquet than with this funny Spartan steak knife set? This clever and fun “Carnivore’s Edition” take on your standard knife block uses a spartan’s shield to hold a set of steak knives. The knives themselves are high quality, with finely sharpened edges and weighted handles for maximum balance and control. The block is heavy-duty and durable and makes for a funny conversation piece in the kitchen. 

Father’s Day gift baskets for dads who like to snack (don’t they all?)

If a Salami Bouquet is, well, too much salami for you, but you’re looking for the best first Father’s Day gift for a dad who loves his food and drink, a gift basket is a fun gift to let him know, “I see you, I hear you, and I get that you’re hungry.” Whether he’s most comfortable in the kitchen, at the grill, or behind the bar, a gift basket full of the right tools can elevate his culinary game, or consider a basket full of his favorite tasty treats so he can imbibe from the comfort of his couch. We found some of the best food and drink Father’s day gift baskets to satisfy Dad’s palate. 

Best Father’s Day gift baskets: Hot Sauce Kit

DIY Gift Kits

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Food fanatics will love this hot sauce kit that comes with dried peppers and spice blends for Dad to make and bottle his own hot sauces. The kit comes with recipes and instructions, including Scoville heat unit rankings so you can determine the appropriate level of heat for your tastes. Using the included ancho pasillos, habanero, chipotle, and ghost peppers, you can mix a batch of custom hot sauces to spice up your favorite snacks, from buffalo wings to taco nights. 

Best gift baskets, runner-up: Rabbit Cocktail Bar Tool Set 


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This cocktail bar tool kit is a fun and practical gift for dads who like to entertain or just like to relax with a drink at the end of a long day. The kit includes a cocktail spoon, muddler and reamer, strainer, jigger, garnish tool, and a mixing glass. Use these tools to up your mixology game by adding fresh flavors and creative garnishes to your drinks, and raise a glass and give cheers to Dad on his first Father’s Day!

Cool Father’s Day gifts for dads who love tech

It should be easy to find the best first Father’s Day gifts for tech-loving dads—buy them the latest gadget and they’ll be happy! But it’s not that simple, due to the hundreds, even thousands of cool tech-related gizmos to choose from, from phones and cameras to video games and drones. When picking out the perfect present for dad, consider this new reprioritized phase in his life and opt for something personal and practical that he can put to use while he’s spending time with his new little buddy. We found two of the best cool Father’s Day gifts for a techy who has recently upgraded to Dad status. 

Best Father’s Day gifts for tech lovers: Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Cam

With new parenthood comes new stress and anxieties. When the baby’s safety is at the forefront of Dad’s mind, this security camera is a great practical gift for a first Father’s Day. This security cam provides high-definition and night-vision footage so you can be more aware of what’s going on outside your home and feel assured that you’re safe and secure inside. The camera is wire-free and weather-resistant and comes with a long-lasting battery that offers up to 12 months of life with one charge. Techy dads will love this practical safety gear.

Best gifts for tech lovers, runner-up: KODAK Smile Classic Digital Instant Camera 

If you’re looking for the best gift for a sentimental dad, the KODAK Smile Instant Camera is a top choice. The camera brings the best of both worlds from early KODAK cameras and more modern digital camera designs—instant printing of photos, along with digital storage so you can save images and print them later. The lightweight, yet durable camera is perfect for getting prints of favorite pics so Dad can plaster them all over the refrigerator or his office walls.

Cheap Father’s Day gifts that will still make him smile

You don’t have to dip into the kids’ college savings to get the best first Father’s Day gifts. We found some cool gifts under $25 that will delight dads on a budget. Remember, it’s not the money but the thought that counts most, so putting some tender loving care into a thoughtful gift gets you far. What could a new dad use for smooth sailing throughout the day? Maybe he could use a little self-care? We found a couple of cheap Father’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank and will make Dad smile and let him know that even though the baby is always on the mind, you’re thinking of him.

Best cheap Father’s Day gifts: VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer 


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Another simple truth of parenthood: It’ll be a long time before you drink hot coffee again—that is, unless you have this coffee mug warmer to keep your drink hot between feedings, diaper changes, and any other baby needs that come before Dad’s caffeine needs. This compact and sleek mug warmer has three different heat settings to ensure his coffee is still at his preferred temperature by the time he gets to it. Coming in at under $25, the coffee mug warmer is an inexpensive and practical gift for a new dad. 

Best cheap gifts, runner-up: Beard Kit 


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This gift basket offers some much-needed self-care supplies for new dads. Filled with beard washes, oils, balms, and brushing and trimming tools, the beard kit will have Dad’s facial hair looking so fresh and so clean, even when he’s not feeling quite so fresh after a sleepless night. The products have a pleasant citrusy smell that isn’t too strong, and they tame and soften even bushier beards. In terms of cheap Father’s Day gifts, this offers a lot of value at a reasonable price.

The final word on finding the best first Father’s Day gifts

It’s not always easy to find the best first Father’s Day gift for a new dad. The first years of parenthood are such a wild time—new dads are overtired, overwhelmed, and overjoyed all at once, and you want to find the perfect gift to acknowledge all of Dad’s hard work. Whether he likes tech products, tending bar, or just having a laugh, the best gift for a new dad is the one that makes him smile and reminds him that even though he has a brand new role, he’s still his same old self. And if you still haven’t found the perfect Father’s Day gift for the new dad in your life? Don’t overthink it. Happy Father’s Day!

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