#PopSciLovesNature and so do you

We asked you to show us your best nature photos, and you delivered! Here are some of our faves.

Up in the clouds.
Up in the cloudsJason Lederman / Popular Science

In honor of Nature Photography Day, we put together a gallery featuring the PopSci staff's favorite pictures we've taken during adventures in the Great Outdoors. And we also asked you—our glorious readers, 'grammers, and tweeters—to show us your best nature photography using #PopSciLovesNature on Instagram and Twitter. Boy did you deliver! In no particular order, here are some of our favorite snapshots you sent in.

Not seeing yours in our list? Never fear, we'll be doing our best to continually update this post throughout the summer, so keep tagging your photos on Instagram and Twitter with #PopSciLovesNature. (Note: by using our hashtag, you're giving us the right to re-post your images on our social channels or website.)