All the NASA space gifs you never knew you needed

The agency's new GIPHY page is a delight
Mars Explorers Wanted Poster
Mars Explorers Wanted Posters NASA

In addition to all of that research it does and stuff, NASA serves as the Internet’s primary provider of pretty space pictures. Now, the space agency is making its offerings a little more dynamic: On Thursday NASA launched its official page on GIPHY, a gif-hosting service. The page will serve as a repository for all things animated. And because GIPHY integrates with Twitter’s mobile app, these stellar gifs are now at your fingertips every time you compose a spacey tweet.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Cassini saturn shot
astronaut plays with water
apollo 14
Jupiter bands swirling
Jupiter and Europa
Cameras at launch
ISS view
chris hadfield eating

And NASA’s gif repository isn’t just great for staring at pretty pictures of stars. It’s also useful. You can now rely on NASA for pretty much all of your reaction gif needs. Just a few examples:

smiley face crater
NASA side eye
Astronaut running
astronaut vr training
mission control room
mission control excitement
eating salad in space
astronaut floating

Check out the rest of NASA’s animated offerings on GIPHY. If still images are more your style, you can now find them in droves on NASA’s official Pinterest board.