Mars Explorers Wanted Poster
Mars Explorers Wanted Posters. NASA

In addition to all of that research it does and stuff, NASA serves as the Internet’s primary provider of pretty space pictures. Now, the space agency is making its offerings a little more dynamic: On Thursday NASA launched its official page on GIPHY, a gif-hosting service. The page will serve as a repository for all things animated. And because GIPHY integrates with Twitter’s mobile app, these stellar gifs are now at your fingertips every time you compose a spacey tweet.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Cassini saturn shot

Saturn’s Weird Hexagons

Yeah, there’s a hexagon on Saturn’s north pole. Find out more here.
astronaut plays with water

Astronauts Goofing Off

Going to space is actually kind of disgusting. But life in zero gravity seems pretty cool.
apollo 14

Humans Casually Hanging Out On The Moon

The first moon landing gets a lot of love––and Apollo 13 is known for its “successful failure”––but don’t forget our Apollo 14 boys. Also, the ending of this gif is kind of quietly hilarious.
Jupiter bands swirling

Jupiter Might Actively Be Trying To Hypnotize You

Jupiter and Europa

Like, Really

You could probably spend all day staring at gifs of Jupiter. This one features a cameo from Europa.
Cameras at launch

How The Sausage Gets Made

Lol, journalism.
ISS view

A Timelapse That Might Make You Puke

Sorry. But the views captured from the window of the International Space Station are so much prettier when you speed them up.
chris hadfield eating

A Very Important Gif Of Chris Hadfield Eating A Tortilla

Presented without comment.

And NASA’s gif repository isn’t just great for staring at pretty pictures of stars. It’s also useful. You can now rely on NASA for pretty much all of your reaction gif needs. Just a few examples:

smiley face crater

TFW You’re Mars

For those moments when you’re just feeling kinda goofy but you’re also a planet. This “happy face” crater was spotted by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s Context Camera in 2008.
NASA side eye

When You Cannot Even With This Launch

For those days when work is going less than nominally.
Astronaut running

When The Struggle Is Real

You know that feeling when you’re literally running a marathon but also literally chained to a treadmill in space? Going nowhere fast (about 17,000 miles per hour, to be precise).
astronaut vr training

Don’t @ Me

This is an astronaut training for a future trip to space, but it could also be you ignoring all the annoying people around you.
mission control room

When You Are Very Excited But Keep Your Cool

Peace sign guy is so chill.
mission control excitement

When You Are Very Excited And Do Not Stay Cool

Zero chill.

When You Ain’t Even Mad

Like, whatever.
eating salad in space

When You Are Stoked To Eat Salad With Your Buds

These guys are enjoying the first-ever salad grown in space. But maybe you and your friends just really love salad. Who are we to judge?
astronaut floating

When You Need Work To Be Over Now Please

You can only waste so much time reading Popular Science.

Check out the rest of NASA’s animated offerings on GIPHY. If still images are more your style, you can now find them in droves on NASA’s official Pinterest board.