The silliest names scientists have given very serious telescopes

Discovery Docks with Hubble
In December 2009, astronauts Steven L. Smith and John M. Grunsfeld leave Discovery to make repairs on the Hubble telescope. In the bottom section of the picture, you can see Discovery's wings. Undoubtedly, this photo combines two of the most exciting and influential missions NASA has conducted. NASA/JSC
Leviathan of Parsonstown

Scientists spend their lives in the pursuit of truth, exploring the secrets of the universe with the help of expensive, sophisticated scientific instruments. And sometimes they give those instruments really, really silly names. Here, we rank the most, uh, creative names that real adult scientists gave to the telescopes that help them explore the cosmos.

European Extremely Large Telescope
Massive Monolithic Telescope
Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope
Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope
Large Binocular Telescope

Popular Science is looking for the best-named scientific instruments. We’re concentrating on physical devices, rather than algorithms, surveys, systems, or processes—which means amazing names like GANDALF (Gas AND Absorption Line Fitting algorithm) and GADZOOKS! (Gadolinium Antineutrino Detector Zealously Outperforming Old Kamiokande, Super!) won’t make the cut.