First Photos Inside Virgin Galactic’s Mothership Cockpit

We previously showed you construction of Virgin Galactic’s WhiteKnight Two, the mothership that will help launch SpaceShipTwo into sub-orbit. However, Flight Global was able to sneak in some exclusive photos and video from inside the cockpit.

WhiteKnightTwo flew for the public on Tuesday at Wisconsin’s massive Oshkosh AirVenture show, complete with head honcho Sir Richard Branson strapped into the jump seat. Without knowing it’s a custom-fabbed Rutan space tourism mothership, it may look like any other new airliner’s all-glass cockpit. But if you’re thinking of dropping millions on one of Virgin Galactic’s first seats, it’s good to know everything about what will carry you into the heavens.

WhiteKnight Two Cockpit
WhiteKnight Two Right Seat

Flight Global/Hyperbola

SpaceShip Two in Construction
Brian Binnie inside Spaceship Two
Mothership Construction: Center Boom Placement
Mothership Construction: More Center Boom Placement
Mothership Construction: Tail
Mothership Construction: wing in front of two booms
Richard Branson
SpaceShip Two Cabin
SpaceShip Two and Burt Rutan
SpaceShip Two and Burt Rutan in Cabin
SpaceShip Two Construction
Construction on SpaceShip Two
SpaceShip Two Construction Images
Construction of SpaceShip Two
SpaceShip constrction
Construction SpaceShip Two
SpaceShip Two Burt Rutan in Cabin
SpaceShip concept
Virgin Galactic Comparison
SpaceShip Two Feather
SpaceShip Two Feather Wings
SpaceShip Two Zero Gs
SpaceShip Two and Mothership