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If the shopping gods ever decide to compile a list of things you don’t think you need but actually do, the best laptop stand for desks will probably nab a spot near the top of it. The benefits of the best laptop stand for desks, though not necessarily endless, are indeed impressive. Most importantly, they’re ergonomic—these desk accessories bring laptop screens up to eye level, so you aren’t constantly bending your neck downward and hunching your shoulders forward while you type. A laptop stand can improve your posture while you work as it eases the strain on your neck and back.

They also make it easier to use an external keyboard with a laptop. You can place it at desk level, and if you have a dual rise laptop stand, you can pull it forward over the keyboard while bringing the laptop screen closer to you. On the non-ergonomic side, a laptop riser will help prevent your laptop from overheating by allowing the air around it to circulate more freely. This slows down the drain on your battery and helps keep your laptop working more efficiently. 

Finally, some stands can be used to make your work area similar to a standing desk, which is a great way to tackle two functions in one item. Just extend it up to a comfortable height so that you can get off your seat and stretch your torso while continuing to reap the posture and back benefits of the best laptop stand for desks.

Features to consider when shopping for the best laptop stand for desks 

When it comes to choosing the best laptop stand for desks, your options might not be quite as plentiful as they are when you’re picking out a laptop to place on top of it, but that actually makes the task less daunting. Plus, you’ve got us to help! And by the way, for those who do their best work while sitting up in bed, don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect laptop stand for you, too.

How can a laptop stand improve my desk setup?

Never underestimate the importance of a great desk setup when it comes to improving your comfort and efficiency while you work. Just as you choose a chair, a desk, a lamp, and various supplies to maximize productivity as well as protect your body from the stress of sitting in one place for long stretches of time, the best laptop stand for desks can work in tandem with the rest of your desk setup to improve your work experience.

They can also come in quite handy during work breaks. If you decide to watch a movie or enjoy a few YouTube videos during your downtime, laptop stands bring the screen to eye level so you can view it with the comfort you’ve become accustomed to while sitting on the couch watching TV. If the laptop screen is straight ahead, you’ll also have an easier time adjusting it during video calls and Zoom chats. And for those who are always short on work space, a good laptop riser gives you some room underneath to place a few extra items.

Best laptop stand for desks: Nulaxy Laptop Stand



This item elevates your screen 7 inches and can hold up a laptop that weighs up to 22 pounds. It can also be detached into three parts for easy storage. There are no bells and whistles, but it offers sturdy support at a good price.

What kinds of ergonomic laptop stands are out there?

There are three different types of laptop stands to give you a more ergonomic office. A slanted laptop stand is a fairly simple two-part design that is light, portable, and collapsible. These are usually easier on the bank account, too. Since the keyboard is always slanted when resting on top of it, you might need to get an external keyboard for more comfortable typing, which will mean pushing the screen even farther away from you.

Dual rise stands lift both the screen and the keyboard above desk level, and if you get one that’s stable enough, you can type directly on the keyboard. If you end up using an external keyboard, you can place it underneath the stand instead of in front of it and bring the screen closer to you.

We’ll discuss foldable laptop tables, the third type, a bit later, but the important thing to keep in mind when evaluating this style is although these computer accessories are bulkier and more expensive, you can use them even when you aren’t working at your desk. A foldable laptop table can turn pretty much any spot in the house into a comfortable work space.

Best ergonomic laptop stand for desks: SOQOOL Laptop Riser for Desk



Although you can use your laptop keyboard while the device is mounted on top of this, it’s more ergonomically sound to connect your laptop to an external keyboard placed underneath. This ergonomic laptop stand accommodates a wide range of laptop sizes, and at 1.5 pounds in weight, it’s thoroughly portable.

How can I have more control over my laptop riser?

If you get a laptop riser that’s stationary, you’ll be able to use it to lift your device off the table, but there won’t be much wiggle room once the laptop is on top of it. When the screen is at eye level, you might still want to move it around slightly to maximize the ergonomic benefits. This is where an adjustable laptop stand for desks comes in. It allows you to micromanage the viewing height and angle so that it’s perfect for you. Also, if you move from your work desk to the kitchen table and both are different heights, you’ll want a laptop stand that lets you go lower or higher as needed.

These are also more convenient when you have a full house and more than one person will be using the laptop stand. Unless the entire family is the same height (unlikely!), you’ll definitely want an adjustable laptop stand for desks that everyone can use to reap the same ergonomic benefits.

Best adjustable laptop stand for desks: MIGGOING Laptop Table



With a weight capacity of 33 pounds, this desk is hearty enough to sustain a laptop, a work snack, and maybe a novel for a mid-work read. It’s collapsible and can extend to a maximum height of 18.9 inches. 

Can a laptop riser extend a laptop’s lifespan?

We’ve already mentioned how laptop stands can help keep your laptop cool for improved performance and even more years of use. When your laptop is sitting on top of the desk, there is less space for circulation, which produces surplus heat that can wreak different levels of havoc, from slowing down the computer to damaging internal parts.

The best laptop stand for desks promotes better circulation by lifting your computer off the desk, but this benefit isn’t always purely incidental. Some have cutouts under the stand while others come with a cooling fan that’s USB powered or fan vents that further improve circulation underneath your laptop and prevent it from overheating.

Best laptop cooling stand: Bestand Aluminum Cooling Computer Stand



The hollow design and open platform improve the dissipation of heat, ventilation and air circulation underneath the laptop, while 2-millimeter silicone pads protect your device from scraping and skidding. The surface is corrosion resistant and, considering how much weight it can hold (66 pounds), this model is incredibly light (1 pound) and portable.

Best laptop stand for desks on a budget: What you can get for under $20

A vertical laptop stand can make life more comfortable, and it won’t put a major dent in your bank account. You won’t have to pay more than $100 for the best laptop stand for desks. In fact, you can get a decent one for considerably less than that. Although an adjustable laptop stand with lots of bells and whistles will generally be a bit more expensive, you can still reap the ergonomic benefits of a heightened laptop with a more basic model.

Best cheap laptop stand: KENTEVIN Laptop Stand



This has all the necessary features of the best laptop stand for desks at a positively bargain basement price. Feel free to fiddle between the eight adjustable heights, from 5.5 to 7 inches. The design is a bit busy, but this laptop stand is still lightweight, portable, and strong enough to hold up to 44 pounds.

Can you use a laptop stand in bed?

Being forced to work from home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be chained to your desk. A foldable laptop stand allows you to set up the home office in bed, on the couch, or even on the floor. If you would rather not sit while you work, you can even use a laptop stand as an impromptu standing desk. Extra ventilation will keep your computer from overheating even as you curl up under a blanket. 

Sounds pretty sweet, right? As with most things, though, the pros don’t come without a few cons. Foldable laptop stands are larger than other types of stands, so they’re not ideal for travel. You’ll probably be paying a bit more for this type of laptop stand too, thanks to the size and extra cooling fans. 


Q: Is a laptop stand worth it?

Although you can get years of use out of a laptop that’s placed directly on top of a desk, a laptop stand is worth it because it boosts both your laptop and the way it functions while extending its lifespan. They’re ergonomic, so your back and neck will reap benefits, too.

Q: What makes a good laptop stand?

The main qualities of a good laptop stand are portability, adjustability, and flexibility. You should be able to at least transport it around the house with relative ease and maneuver it to suit different workspaces and multiple users.

Q: How high should a laptop stand be?

A laptop stand should be high enough so that your eye level is one or two inches below the top of the screen when you’re sitting up straight. The key is that you shouldn’t have to hunch over and tilt your neck downward while looking at the screen.

A final word on shopping for the best laptop stand for desks

The best laptop stands for desks can work ergonomic wonders for your neck and back while keeping your device safe from overheating. Spend a little bit more money for an adjustable model that the whole family can enjoy and a laptop stand that you can use when you’re away from the desk, whether it’s on the couch, at the dining room table, or in bed. You won’t know how you got by for so long without one.