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If the day-to-day slog is getting you down, consider playing a role-playing game like Disco Elysium, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Baldur’s Gate 3, our current post-work game of choice. There’s something about fighting monsters, exploring a new world, and romancing chaotic neutral vampires that makes you forget about all the emails you’ve sent that day. If you’re looking to expand your setup past your gaming laptop, consider a monitor to give yourself some more real estate. Amazon has you covered on that front with deals on Samsung, Acer, and Philips gaming monitors.

Acer Nitro 31.5″ FHD 1920 x 1080 1500R Curved PC Gaming Monitor $169.99 (Was $229.99)



This cheap gaming monitor already had a low price. Now, it’s even cheaper than before, thanks to its 26 percent markdown. The Acer Nitro Curved PC Gaming Monitor is a 31.5-inch, VESA-mountable monitor that sports a 144Hz refresh rate using the HDMI port, and a 165Hz refresh rate with Display Port. That equals no lag and smoother gameplay. AMD FreeSync Premium adds low frame rate compensation, which displays frames multiple times if your game’s frame rate drops below the monitor’s lowest supported refresh rate.

There’s no pause function when it comes to Amazon deals, so snag this one before it despawns.

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