Seems just about anyone can drive like Batman these days, if they have $1 million and 20,000 man-hours to spare. No doubt this Swedish man felt just like Bruce Wayne during those long three and a half years, except without the financial muscle of Wayne Enterprises or a wise-cracking Alfred to bring him tea during breaks.

The tinkerer stuffed a 1973 Lincoln Continental chassis with gadgets such as voice recognition tech, rear-view cameras, satellite navigation, and, of course, machine guns. A DVD player and a plasma TV are also crammed somewhere in there, for those times when driving a Batmobile gets tedious. After all, that Stockholm traffic gridlock can become deadly dull even in a car with 700 horsepower.

This version of the Batmobile doesn’t quite make it to the military-grade Tumbler featured in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, but should still manage to turn plenty of heads. Here’s an idea for the driver—watch The Dark Knight while cruising the streets at night. Now that’s meta.

[Bilfeber via DVICE]