Video: Boston Dynamics’ Petman Is the Creepy Bipedal Evolution of Big Dog

PETMAN Bipedal Robot

The latest innovation to come out of the Boston Dynamics labs is the Petman–a two-legged, upright robot that simulates the walking motion of human beings. And like its quadruped cousin the BigDog, this thing is equally creepy/hilarious (check out the shoes).

Used (at the moment) to test chemical warfare clothing for the US Army, the Petman is able to move at 3.2 mph, recreating the natural heel-toe stride that we employ in our walking motion.

In addition to walking, the Petman can crawl and perform various calisthenics, perspiring all the while from its artificial sweat glands. Boston Dynamics has few other details, except that it took 13 months to design and 17 months to build. But the video pretty much spooks–er–speaks for itself, so you’re better off throwing that on repeat. [via Boston Dynamics]