Car vacuums to suck all the crumbs and dirt out of your vehicle

The best way to keep your car clean is to ban Cheerios. The second-best way is to use one of these car vacuums.

You vacuum the inside of your home frequently, but how often do you actually vacuum your car? Pet hair, crumbs, and dirt build-up quickly and unfortunately, we don’t have robot vacuums for cars yet. Quickly clean up your messes with one of these handheld car vacuum cleaners.

The best: Thisworx Car Vacuum

Sturdy Build

A great compact cleaner for your crumbs. Amazon

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Thisworx comes with a 106-watt motor and three nozzle attachments to pick up both wet and dry dirt. The only downside is that this vac isn’t cordless, but its 16-foot long cord is long enough to reach the entire length of a midsize car.

Easy filter cleaning: MEG Handheld Car Vacuum

A Spill Is No Match

Perfect for dry and wet cleanup. Amazon

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If you’re on the go and need to vacuum ASAP, you can easily plug the MEG into your car’s adaptor to charge it up. It boasts a great suction level of 4800-pa, and it can be used for both dry and wet messes.

Best design: Black and Decker Cordless Hand Vacuum

Longest Battery Life

Comes with a wall mount to hang it by your car in the garage. Amazon

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This cordless vacuum lasts for up to 10 hours on a single charge and can hold 31 ounces of dirt from your car. At just two pounds, it’s both lightweight and powerful. The translucent dirt container makes it easy to see when it’s full.

Budget pick: Hotor Car Vacuum

Comes With 3 Different Nozzles

This one features a built-in light and a stainless steel HEPA filter. Amazon

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The nice thing about this vacuum is that it hosts a built-in LED light so you actually see those dark crevices in your car. This 12-volt vacuum is also corded, but at 16.4 feet long, it’ll reach your entire car.