The Smart Highway

The "Smart Highway" project (a collaboration between Studio Roosegaarde, a design lab based in the Netherlands, and engineers from Heijmans Infrastructure) is one of several recent efforts to make roads smarter, safer, and more energy efficient. This year, the group is preparing to make a 300-meter test road with glowing lane markers and weather-warning paint. Check out the gallery on the "Smart Highway" and/or read about more intelligent road projects here.

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Prototype: Glow-in-the-Dark Lines
The people behind the "Smart Highway" project developed glow-in-the-dark paint that could be used instead of street lamps, saving electricity and cash. In tests, it shines for up to 10 hours at night.Courtesy Studio Roosegaarde
Prototype: Road May Be Icier Than It Appears
The group developed paint that only appears when the temperature is below freezing—perfect for warning motorists about possibly icy terrain. Later this year, they plan to test out a prototype road with both glowing paint and temperature-reactive paint.Courtesy Studio Roosegaarde
Temperature-Reactive Paint
When's the last time the road told you the weather?Courtesy Studio Roosegaarde
Charging Up
Drivers could charge their electric cars through magnetic induction in special lanes. (In fact, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has an induction-charged bus on its campus already.)Courtesy Studio Roosegaarde
Reactive Lights
Constantly lighting roads with little traffic is a waste of electricity—and municipal dollars. Proximity sensors could flip lights on and off as needed.Courtesy Studio Roosegaarde
Updraft Power
Wind energy from passing cars could be harnessed by small turbines and used for lighting.Courtesy Studio Roosegaarde
Dynamic Lines
Someday, the lines on a road could transform in reaction to changing traffic patterns. For more on smart roads, check out this article.Courtesy Studio Roosegaarde