5 Services We’d Rather See Google Kill Than Google Reader

People are losing it over Google Reader being retired. We propose a trade.

Dear Google,


We’ve noticed a lot of people are upset that you’ve decided to retire Google Reader and, truth be told, so are we. But, on the other hand, we do understand you are a business and have to sacrifice one product to the Fire God of Silicon Valley every second quarter or whatever.

We only ask that, before it becomes final on July 1, you at least consider shuttering one of these pretty-much-fine-but-not-as-good-as-Reader services.

All the best,


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Google Plus

It’s starting to feel a little old-hat to make fun of Google Plus, but, come on, Google, you’re not going to be getting petitions to keep Plus around like you are with Reader. Just quietly sweep this one under the rug. It can play with Google Buzz.

Google Translate

Google Translate, you show so much promise. A shining utopia where we can communicate with anyone, where we can read the poetry of Pablo Neruda instantly, and where high school kids can just plug in their French homework and be done with it. But instead we just get hilariously off translations and weird glitches. (Actually, might be worth keeping around just for the glitches.)

Google Latitude

With Google Latitude, you can instantly share your location with friends via your smartphone! Which sounds like a terrible idea (it is). Who are these friends? Do you not have their phone numbers? Is this your way of passive-aggressively showing them what you’re up to and that you’re having so much fun without them? You have a problem, Google Latitude-ers. Stop enabling them, Google.

Google Wallet

Don’t get us wrong: Google Wallet is amazing! (We even gave it a Best of What’s New Award back in 2011.) A cashless society where we can buy anything with a swipe of our phones? Sign us up. But it’s sorta more amazing in theory than practice. This could be put on the backburner for a few years until, like, the Future of the Wallet rolls around.

Google TV

Google’s attempt to invade the living room ended up being expensive and a little clumsy. Do I need all of those apps? No I do not, Google. I will watch Louie on my computer or my TV, but not both and my phone at the same time, thank you very much.