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We’re big fans of innovative gameplay here at PopSci, and the web browser can provide the perfect, simple canvas for that. For example: You may be familiar with the game QWOP, created by Oxford professor Bennett Foddy, whom we featured in our PopSci Arcade earlier this year. In QWOP, you frustratingly try to direct a person through a race by moving their limbs using the Q-W-O-P keys. It’s almost impossible to beat and almost impossible to put down. Now, from the same productivity vampire comes CLOP. This time you’re a unicorn.

Bennett Foddy, also the creator of PoleRiders, is the one behind it. He’s also one of the most visible in a new line of indie creators working in the web browser. The design of CLOP, like some of its counterparts, is simple, but it’s slightly more polished than QWOP. There are landscapes in the background, and you actually get to see those landscapes because it’s much more forgiving. Quadrupeds just have better balance, it seems.