A Gaming System That Helps Players Outlast the Competition

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The average length of an Xbox gaming session is 4.2 hours. For PC gaming, that jumps to 8 hours. To stay competetive, players need a serious setup–one that can help them see more, hear more, and game for the long haul.


Most surround-sound systems have five or seven speakers. LG’s has nine. The receiver’s processor analyzes the location of 3-D objects on a screen—enemies, aircraft, machine guns—and sends the accompanying audio to whichever speaker best corresponds to that spot. LG BH9420PW 3-D capable Blu-ray disc home theater system: $749


Computer components are designed to slow themselves down if they begin to overheat, an act that will bring any gaming session to a crawl. To ensure that the 4.8-gigahertz processor and 256-bit graphics card on the Aventum tower don’t fail, Digital Storm engineers flanked the internals with a pair of 16.5-inch radiators that circulate subzero coolant, while the system’s 13 fans channel excess heat through a rear exhaust vent. Digital Storm Aventum: From $4,959


The BenQ XL2420TX is the first monitor to give players a competitive advantage. To help highlight items hidden throughout dark scenes, the 24-inch panel’s processor adjusts the color balance. Viewers can also make manual adjustments by hitting a button on a controller box attached to the monitor. BenQ XL2420TX: $549


A rigid chair frame can dig into a player’s back and shoulders as he sits and shifts in his seat. Designers at Knoll made the entire backrest of the ReGeneration chair out of a semirigid elastic polymer that bends to cradle the changing contours of a gamer’s body. ReGeneration by Knoll: From $676