Video: Helicopter with Rocket-Powered Rotors Could Go on Sale This Year

Two forms of flight come together for a glorious moment in the sun

Mating a rocket with a helicopter sounds improbable, but only until you watch the Dragonfly DF1 take to the skies. DVICE reports that the rocket-powered copter received airworthiness certificates last November, and may go on sale as early as this year.

The copter makes use of tiny hydrogen-peroxide-powered rocket motors on the tips of the blades, which replaces the traditional engine-powered rotor. Large fuel tanks surrounding the pilot allow the Dragonfly to travel at up to 40 mph for 50 minutes.

Whether or not Swisscopter U.S. gets a commercial version off the ground this year, we would bet that PopSci’s own John Carnett will be putting in a call to the company. The staff photographer and inventor has previously taken his jet-powered ATV out for a wild ride or two in the woods, and this chemical copter is right up his alley.

[via DVICE]