May 2010: The Future of the Car

Features: The Future of the Car

Future Drive

Advanced electric drive, autonomous navigations and other tecnological advances will revolutionize the way we drive. PopSci presents three stunning visions for the future of the automobile. Illustrations by Nick Kaloterakis and Bob Sauls. Research by Jon Alain Guzik

The Electric-Car Cheat Sheet

A guide to the technologies, battery companies and carmakers that are bringing our electrified future here faster than you think **By Seth Fletcher

The Price of Karma

Greener than a Prius and hotter than a Maserati, the Fisker Karma promises to change the way the world thinks about electric cars. The only problem is that nobody outside the company has driven one yet. Will Henrik Fisker tempt buyers into the electric age, or is he already a relic of the past? By Bill Gifford

When Robots Rule the Roads

Humans make terrible drivers. Research shows weíre panic-prone, unpredictable and slow to react behind the wheel. Now a new breed of robot cars promises to eliminate human error for safer roads, less traffic and major fuel savings By Lawrence Ulrich

The Urban Commute, 2020

Eight technologies that will make future automotive adventures free of traffic jams, fender benders and fruitless hunts for parking spaces By Lawrence Ulrich. Illustrations by Steve Karp

The Internal Combustion Engine Is Not Dead

Electric cars havenít killed the engine as we know it, yet. In fact, the century-old technology is getting stronger every year By Lawrence Ulrich

The DIY Auto Industry

Todayís cars may seem too sophisticated for tinkering, but the DIY auto movement is thriving, yielding designs and innovations too radical for mass production. Here are four awesome examples of modern garage-guy ingenuity By Gregory Mone

Future of the Car: Online Exclusives

Celebrating the Concept Car: 10 Legendary Successes and Failures

We cover all the bases: droolworthy visions, dramatic departures, genre-defining pioneers and true forehead-slappers (a nuclear-powered Ford sedan? Why not!). By Wes Siler

Does the Future of the Car Live in China?

And if so, what does that future look like? By Corey Binns


What’s New

How 2.0

  • You Built What?!: A Hot-Rod Hauler
  • Gray Matter: Stopping Power
  • Geotag a Photographic Record of Your Next Road Trip
  • Ask a Geek: Is It Worth Paying Extra For a GPS Unit with Traffic Info?


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