Meat the iPhone Sausage Stylus


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It’s easy to see how Apple might have overlooked this, what with their headquarters located in a place with 60 degree days in February, but anyone from colder climates knows that you can’t operate an iPhone with gloves on. In South Korea, they have figured out a way around this problem using the best tool possible: encased pork products.

Yes, South Koreans have beat the cold by using snack sausages as ersatz iPhone styluses. The touch screen on an iPhone, and iPod Touch, utilizes the electrical conductivity of your finger to locate the input. The device can’t sense that conductivity through a glove. However, this tasty meat treat has the same conductivity as human flesh, so the iPhone registers its touch a if it were a finger.

In particular, it seems the CJ Corporation’s line of Max rods are prized by South Korean techies for their usefulness as iPhone styluses. Of course, as a blogger, most of my electronics are already coated in a thin layer of Slim Jim grease, so maybe I was just ahead of the curve this whole time.

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