iPhone vs. N95-3: Battle Royale

Nokia´s new and improved flagship mobile manages to beat the so-called â€Jesus phone†at its own game. Could this be the Second Coming? Find out in PopSci´s test drive
You've surely heard by now that browsing the Web on the iPhone's ample multi-touch screen is indeed a thing of beauty. Surfing on the N95-3 is great, but it doesn't hold a candle to the iPhone's implementation--even though both devices' browsers are based on Safari. Pages don't always render as perfectly, and zooming around a page without the pinch-and-drag of the iPhone feels like a chore. Plus, the N95-3 tends to default to the mobile version of some pages, which can be annoying (even though with 3G data, mobile versions load in the blink of an eye). Verdict: The iPhone deservedly takes it. John Mahoney

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Nokia’s timing couldn’t have been any better when the revised and enhanced U.S. version of its flagship N95 smartphone (the N95-3) went on sale last week-just days after the iPhone’s 1.1.1 firmware update officially shut down third-party apps and rendered useless many iPhones that had been unlocked. Many disgusted iPhone users (or potential buyers) were (and still are) just a tad bit disappointed by the whole thing, and probably entertaining the thought of fulfilling their superphone needs somewhere else. With a clever “open” ad campaign, it’s clear that Nokia is pulling out all the stops and going head to head with the iPhone hype machine.

Most impressive is the N95-3’s support for AT&T 3G high-speed data network (the â€3′ stands for â€3G’) which, get this-actually works with the iPhone’s own data plan.

I’ve been using an iPhone since its inception (in between trips back to AppleCare), but this weekend I gave the new N95 a spin for comparison. Who will come out on top?

Click here to launch a feature-by-feature photo comparison of the iPhone and the N95.

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