The most-tweeted iPhone 5 announcement: the September 21st release date

The feature that tweeters were happiest about: the new phone’s bigger, 4-inch screen
Percentage of iPhone users who want to upgrade because of the 5’s larger screen: 6
The feature most often cited as the #1 reason for upgrading: longer battery life

Percentage of iPhone owners who plan to upgrade within the next six months: 46
Percentage of iPhone owners who currently own an iPhone 4: 48.6
Percentage of iPhone users who currently own (and use) the original iPhone: 3.9
Percentage of iPhone 4 owners who plan to upgrade to the iPhone 5: 74

Number of days it will take Apple to sell 10 million iPhone 5s: 21
Number of days it took Samsung to sell 10 million Galaxy S IIIs: 50
Total projected iPhone sales in 2012, in millions: 94
Total population of the U.S.: 311.6

Percentage of U.S. population who would buy an iPhone this year, if all of this year’s sales were concentrated in the States: 30
Total number of iPhone sales since 2007 (including projected 2012 sales): 228.2
Percentage of U.S. population with an iPhone by the end of 2012, if all sales were concentrated in the States: 73

Total cost, to consumers, of new accessories for the iphone 5 (including, perhaps unnecessarily, a “workout case”): $411.80
Revenue from accessory sales in iPhone 5’s first three weeks, if every customer bought new accessories: $42 million

Total number of iPhone 5’s Apple expects to sell: 250 million
Total number of iPhones sold in first four years: 145.8
Apple’s total projected revenue for the iPhone 5: $144 billion

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