Featured in COVID-19

a white and blue box of paxlovid covid pills, with the pfizer logo
A patient sitting on a hospital bed with an IV, with two medical providers wearing protective clothes on either side.
SARS-CoV-2 virus, the origin of the Omicron, BA.2, and Delta variants, under a microscope
Multicolored masks for COVID-19 hanging from clothesline.
a doctor in a face mask, gloves, and hair net draws a vaccine with a syringe out of a vial
Tweezers on cell slides from the ear of a COVID patients in a patch of light
Kid in surgical mask and green shirt holding a COVID vaccination card because of a mandate
Person in white buttondown and with long black hair in COVID surgical mask leaning against a table with milk, a bowl of cereal, and green apples and oranges
A volcanic Tongan island.