It’s never too late to learn to grow your own produce, and raised vegetable beds are one of the easiest and most space-effective ways to get started. They’re excellent for small yards, patios, or in situations where growing space is ample, but you don’t want to alter the environment by planting directly into the earth. There are two main types: vegetable beds with raised walls that you set directly onto the ground, or planter boxes with legs that allow you to garden without bending over.

Here are our favorites.

Best overall: Yaheetech Wood Raised Garden Bed Boxes Kit

Simple Assembly

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This 8-foot-by-2-foot raised garden bed can go right onto the ground—or on top of a few yards of landscaping fabric—to grow just about any kind of produce. It’s rainproof, sun-resistant, anti-termite, and made from fir for long-term durability. The unpainted, neutral wood color also looks good in any backyard. You can even purchase multiple and set them atop each other to make attractive tiered designs.

Easiest to use: NuVue Products Raised 48 by 48 by 15-Inch Garden Box Kit

Won’t Rust Or Rot

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This 48-by-48-by-15-inch raised garden bed can’t be beaten in durability and ease of assembly. Its grooved walls snap together for a no-tools assembly, and the vinyl material will resist rust and rot. The white is an excellent color choice for avoiding the color fading that comes with being in the sun all day.

Most versatile: Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed

Great For Mobility Issues

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This elevated planter box is an attractive, functional choice for anyone who’s hoping to avoid back or knee strain. The four-foot-long planting bed leaves ample space for fruits, herbs, and veggies, and draining holes at the bottom of the planter allows produce to stay healthy as it grows.

For small spaces: VegTrug Kids Planter

Get Your Children Started Early

For adults with minimal gardening real estate. Amazon

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VegTrug is one of the most trusted names in gardening. Don’t be fooled by the product page: This may be designed with kids in mind, but it’s actually an excellent choice for those with extremely limited space—a narrow patio or entryway would accommodate this 20-by-24-by-18-inch raised planter box perfectly. And, of course, it’s a great choice for children as well.