It started with a harmless cactus. It continued with a succulent or two. Before you knew it, your friends’ walls were covered in vines, and they were asking you where might be the best spot for a monstera.

If your friends have recently opted to find some emotional connection through the adoption of leafy green kids, chances are they’re still figuring out what they signed up for—and how to keep their precious indoor jungle alive.

Help guide them through the incredible journey of plant parenthood with these excellent gifts for horticulture newbs.

For that friend who needs to know it’s never the right time

The Sill’s beginner bundle, $120

Ah, if only actual kids came with everything included. The Sill

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If someone in your life has been talking about plants since the beginning of the pandemic and they still have not taken the leap, making them a proud plant mommy or daddy is easy with a beginner bundle. The Sill’s comes with everything they’ll need to start a lush indoor garden—a bag of potting mix, lava rocks, fertilizer, and a watering can, plus a choice of one of two plants.

For that lucky friend with a backyard

Gardening tool set, $28

Maybe next spring you won’t even have to pay for tomatoes. Amazon

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It’s always a good thing to have a friend with some backyard space. But if you’ve noticed that the cherry tomatoes they’ve been bragging about since spring are looking a little ragged, be a pal and gift them a set of gardening tools. This one includes handy gadgets such as a weeder and a rake, plus gloves to protect your friend’s lovely hands from the dirt, a sprayer to get those seeds nice and wet, and a tote bag to store everything in when they’re finished.

For your friend who hasn’t gotten over Black Panther yet

Clawed gardening gloves, $12.99

Wakanda forever, y’all. Amazon

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Yes, people can use tools to take care of their plants, but why do that when you can use your hands? Protect your loved one’s fingernails from rocks and gunk with some clawed gardening gloves that look like they came straight out of a Marvel movie. This cool accessory will allow them to dig into the ground without any extra gadgets—and with a little creativity, the gloves can easily double as part of next year’s Halloween costume.

For the friend who wishes they could talk to plants

The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual, $10.99

The plant bible is here to help noobs be better plant parents. Amazon

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One of the biggest challenges of parenthood is knowing what your non-verbal offspring need from you. Avoid overwatering and killing your plant babies with some much needed instruction from The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual. This will guide your friends through their new adventure, and hopefully prevent their plants from ending up dried and abandoned on the curb.

For the friend who wants to show off

Bamboo Plant Stand Rack, $39.99

Does this mean there’s room for more plants? Yes it does. Amazon

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When parents are proud of their kids, they’ll invite you to one of their recitals and blabber about how talented the little ones are. The equivalent for plant parents is having their leafy babies on glorious display in Instagram posts and Zoom calls. Be supportive of your friend’s pride and joy by gifting them a beautiful rack on which to showcase their greenery. This bamboo one from Amazon has seven tiers, so the whole family can stick together (and your friend can talk to you about them without running back and forth through their house).

For your friend who’s obsessed with propagating

White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots, $29.92

Worst case scenario, they can leave their keys in there. Amazon

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Multiplying your plants is only one of the many joys of being a plant parent. Cut off a tiny branch, put it in some water, and boom—you’ve got another one. But those new offspring need homes of their own. Even if your friend already has lots of plants, giving them some nice spare ceramic pots is always a good idea. Sooner or later they’ll be filled with new cuttings. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even adopt one and become a plant parent yourself.

For your friend who doesn’t have any surfaces left

Macrame plant hangers, $15.99

There’s always room for more. Amazon

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Plants in the living room, plants in the kitchen, plants in the bathroom. Plants on the window sills, plants on the floor, on desks, and even on chairs. Macrame hangers are cheap, cool, and use up dead space that can now be filled with beautiful ivy that will finally give your friend’s place the long-desired look of an indoors rainforest. They’ll be so happy.

For your friend who loves accessorizing

Decorative Copper Colored 40oz Watering Can, $29.97

It’s pretty and it’s useful. Frankly, there’s no better gift. Amazon

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Having a kid is the perfect excuse to buy nice things—itty bitty shoes, stylish diaper bags, and all the fussy clothes you hated wearing when you were little. Plant parenthood is the same, but you get the perfect excuse to give your friend a copper watering can that looks like a work of art. It’s perfect for keeping the green babies hydrated, but also makes for a beautiful piece of home decor. Everybody wins.