Like an athlete with a preferred pair of sneakers or a favorite bat, a heart-and-soul gamer has the one controller they wouldn’t think of going into battle without. Whether it’s due to responsive buttons, comfortable grip, or just an inspiring design, these are the controllers we reach for when it’s game on.

If you’re looking for your next controller for gaming, you can start here. We found some of the best and more versatile PlayStation 4 controllers available right now.

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Like some kind of dispatch from a cyberpunk future, this Chengdao controller is stunning (especially in “Galaxy Purple”) for its aesthetic while also being a solid all around controller. If you’ve evolved beyond “square” and “triangle” buttons, you’ll appreciate that they’ve been replaced by some kind of cyber runes from the 31st century, and the smooth grip (made of sweat-proof material) feels amazing in your hand even after several hours of playing. Cool and effective.

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A true commitment to gaming means being fluid and adaptable—you can’t chain yourself to a single console our outlet, and this Pictek controller makes jumping from platform to platform a little bit easier. It doesn’t just work with the PS4, but can also connect with PCs and Android devices, bringing a level of console-like control no matter what system is powering your game (even mobile). On top of that it has a sleek look (the LED-light up buttons are especially cool) and the bulkier, more rugged feel of an Xbox controller.

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Looking like some kind of union of a PlayStation controller and an old Nintendo gamepad, this Hori option completely abandons the traditional PS controller design to create something easier for smaller hands. The simple block shape is easy to grip, and the button placement is optimized for tinier fingers. A great entry point gaming controller—it is an old-fashioned wired controller, but the 3 feet of cable gives you some flexibility.

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Sometimes you don’t need extra functionality or a complete reimagining of what a controller can do. Sometimes you just need a new one that looks badass. The official Sony PlayStation 4 controller is available in a vast array of colors and patterns beyond just the standard black—like a red camo variation that may not have a tangible impact on your game, but will make its mark as your new favorite go-to controller. There’s nothing wrong with choosing one that just looks cool, right?