There’s nothing more rewarding than eating a meal prepped with produce you’ve grown yourself, but it can seem daunting to start a garden when you live in an apartment, or in any place where outdoor space is limited. Luckily, ornamentals (flowers and blooms) and edibles (vegetables, herbs, and berries) can all be grown out of containers, which fit perfectly on patios, walkways, front yards, or by your garage.

We’ve picked out some of our small space favorites.

A fabric planter that drains well. Amazon

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Grow bags are an excellent choice for patio gardens, because they’re light weight and drain well—the fabric allows soil to aerate, which promotes healthier roots, and the handles are a huge plus for tight spaces where you might need to move things around. Five gallons is the perfect size for an individual pepper or tomato plant, and you can even add in a trellis to help them climb and vine. The grow bags pack flat for easy storage when they aren’t in use.

A grow bag with a harvesting flap. Amazon

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For veggies that like to be deep in the soil, a grow bag with a window flap is your best bet for easier harvesting. These sturdy bags are great for growing potatoes, carrots, ginger, taro, onions, and radishes—basically any plant that would require you to dig deep into soil to extract them. The grow bags are made from reinforced fabric, which ensures the bags hold shape even when the side is opened.

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Plastic containers are an optimal choice for climates that are hot and dry, where you would want a material that helps prevent water loss—this is especially helpful for plants that prefer moist soil (cucumbers, for example), and delicate ornamental flowers. These Bloem planters are made from polypropylene, which is BPA-free and the most food safe grade of plastic. And the lighter color choice prevents the soil temperature from skyrocketing.

Great for first time gardeners. Amazon

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Bloem’s self-watering planter is a great choice for first time gardeners—or those who live in dry climates—who are afraid their plants won’t get the water they need. The flowers, herbs, veggies, or berries can be watered through a reservoir at the bottom, which feeds the plants over time. And the classic terracotta color will match easily with outdoor furniture.