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Whether you’re having a family barbecue in the park, tailgating at a college football game, or vending at the local farmers’ market, a sturdy and portable folding table is necessary for your setup. Made of durable, weather-resistant materials, folding tables can make appearances at any event regardless of the setting and time of year. After the party has wrapped up, they can be easily collapsed and stored until the next shindig. Keep reading for a mix of reliable folding tables and helpful tips.



Folding tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with advantages to each style. Round and square models are ideal for small spaces, intimate dining, and bistro cafe setups. Rectangular ones provide roomy, banquet-style seating for larger groups and function well as buffet tables. Make sure to measure your space and double-check the dimensions of any table before purchasing.



Foldable tables are often made from lighter materials such as plastic or aluminum for portability. Plastic or resin tables are typically more lightweight and only require steel for reinforcement. Aluminum tables won’t rust, making them ideal for camping and other outdoor uses.



No one wants a spontaneously collapsing folding table, which is why you need to consider the leg locking mechanisms. There are two main locking mechanisms when the table is folded and extended—dimple and gravity ring. A simple lock uses a metal bead that, when forced into small holes on the hinges connecting the legs to the table, secures the legs. True to its name, a gravity ring lock is a ring that slides down the table leg frame with natural gravity and locks the legs into place.