Estwing Al-Pro Framing Hammer
Estwing Al-Pro Framing Hammer. Photo by Sam Kaplan

NWI Cubit: Math-Whiz Measuring Tool

The hardest part of picture hanging is finding a wall’s center. Cubit calculates it for you. Slide it along any surface to find exact middle—or if you’re the asymmetrical type, a third, or any “look-at-me” variation. $72

Bosch Reaxx: The Safest Table Saw

Humans are careless. Machines are here to help. Bosch’s Reaxx 10-inch job-site table saw retracts its blade if it detects the presence of a wayward human appendage. A low-voltage current runs through the blade, and if the system detects a disruption—indicating human flesh—the blade retracts to mitigate potential injury. The blade is not damaged, which was an issue with previous injury-preventing technology. $1,499

DeWalt Flexvolt Battery: A Battery for Every Tool

Cordless power tools are handy. But each requires a unique voltage, leaving DIYers with a lot of bricks. DeWalt’s self-regulating battery is the only one you’ll need. It recognizes the DeWalt tool it’s mated with and delivers the correct voltage. It even regulates output for older DeWalt tools. The batteries max out at 60 volts, and a pair can create a new class of 120-volt cordless tools—like table saws—or dial down for less power-thirsty tools. $149

Nelson Solar-Activated Facade: Energy-Saving House Exterior

Goodbye expensive energy bills. Made of wood and glass, Nelson’s home exterior can both warm a home and cool it. In winter, the sun’s rays pass through a glass facade and warm an internal layer of louvered wood, which traps the heat to create a thermal buffer against the nighttime cold. In summer, when the sun is higher in the skys its rays strike these angled wooden slats, which create a shading effect for the home, keeping it cool.

Sherwin Williams Paint Shield: House Paint That Kills Disease

Why should house paint just look pretty? Now it can protect you and your family from invaders. Sherwin Williams’ new Paint Shield kills 99.9 percent of staph, MRSA, E. coli, VRE, and Enterobacter aerogenes—the type of microscopic bad stuff that can make you sick, and even kill you. The paint does this by way of a quaternary ammonium compound (the same substance used in many home cleaning products). The first EPA-registered microbicidal paint, it remains effective for years. Sleep tight and don’t let the Enterobacter bite. $85 per gallon

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: A Fridge That Helps You Shop

You can’t recall if you ate that last artisanal pudding. That’s okay because the Family Hub refrigerator can help you remember. It has three internal cameras that spy on your supplies (or lack thereof). Tap an app, and there’s a picture of your shelves. $6,000

Bacteria Zapping Air Purifier


Lighting Science HealthE Genesis: Just-Right Light

Light affects your body’s circadian rhythm, which in turn dictates your energy level, sleep cycles, and overall health. The HealthE Genesis lamp keeps things in sync with a super-precise lighting spectrum that can fluctuate based on the time of day or night. It keeps your biology so well in time that NASA is installing a custom version of it on the International Space Station to regulate astronauts’ sleep with precision. $175

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This article was originally published in the November/December 2016 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Best Of What’s New: Home.”