Scroll Through The Solar System From The Comfort Of Your Chair

Reminder: space is really big

If you’ve ever been scrolling through your endless Facebook or Twitter feeds and feel like you’ve looked at miles of posts, programmer Josh Worth will show you just how far you’ve really gone—in the scope of our solar system.

In his project “If The Moon Were Only One Pixel,” Worth brings us through a “tediously accurate” representation of how large Earth and our eight closest celestial friends really are. The diagram’s scale is based on the size of the moon, set to the width of one pixel on your screen. As you scroll to the right, you’re treated to little messages, which keep you company in the vast void of space. We haven’t tried it on a large display, but that might make the whole ordeal a lot quicker. You can also cheat by pressing the symbol for each planet. (Even Pluto!)

We made it halfway to Jupiter before realizing that Space is really big and we had work to do. How far can you scroll?