Archive Gallery: The Future of Food

The tale of the "plant hunters," farming whales, vegetable matter that rains from the sky and more

Now that Food Tech week is winding down here at PopSci, it’s time to sit back, rest our hands on the shelves of our full bellies and listen to the old timers tell us a few yarns about back in their day. We’ve already probed the archives for a few strange culinary suggestions, but there is more yet to come.

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We’ve collected here a motley assortment of PopSci’s past visions of the future of food, from milestone inventions like dehydration and quick-freezing, to off-the-wall ideas like whale farming, or shining UV light on gas to somehow create vegetable matter.

PopScis of old may not have envisioned a day when you could slice your breakfast pastry with a water jet, but we did think it was a good idea to shoot it full of atomic radiation. So, there’s that.

Urban Farming, April 1920
Plant Hunters, November 1922
Artificial Photosynthesis, April 1923
Turning Gases into Vegetables, August 1925
The Big Freeze, December 1937
Dehydration, January 1942
Abundant Algae, July 1950
Fighting Decay With Radiation, April 1956
Moby Beef, November 1960