Twelve Extreme Animal Modifications in the Name of Science

Mouse milk (for people), spider-goats, pain-free cattle, and nine more

via Irish Times

Scientists just can’t leave animals well enough alone. In some cases, it’s for our benefit, whether we want to create new medicine, create better drug-sniffing dogs, or just breed giant delicious salmon. But sometimes it’s for the animals themselves, shown with groundbreaking prostheses or embedded GPS to protect endangered animals from poachers. Check out our gallery of twelve of the craziest ways scientists are messing with animals.

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Whether these are good or bad for us, ethically, morally, environmentally…well, those are arguments that won’t stop raging anytime soon. (See the truckload of legislation attempting to variously ban or promote genetically modified animals for food, if you want an exhausting amount of examples.) One thing, at least, is beyond arguing: Those cloned drug-sniffer puppies are super cute, right guys?

Enlarged, Hyperoxic Dragonflies
Ruppy, the Glowing Transgenic Puppy
The Spider-Goat
cat with prosthetic legs
Magnets Throw Off a Croc's Sense of Direction
GPS-Implanted Rhino Horns
Great Dogs
Mouse Milk, for Humans
Beef Cattle That Feel No Pain
AquAdvantage, the Giant Salmon
Remote-Controlled Cyborg Beetle
Robotic Limbs Controlled by Monkey-Thought