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Published Jun. 2, 2021

Just ask any cat about their favorite activities and they’ll tell you that sunbathing, lounging, and bird watching are definitely in their top five. Luckily, the best cat window perches can offer all three of these beloved hobbies. The fact that there are so many pet products available is great—there is something for everyone to enjoy but it can also be stressful trying to narrow down the best options for you and your cat. To get appurrrrval for these cat accessories, you’ll want to find something comfortable but you also want to ensure it’s safe. We’ve rounded up the best cat window perches that accomplish both.

What to consider when shopping for the best cat window perch

When selecting the best cat window perch, the first thing to consider is what your cat needs. From a place to lounge to an indoor obstacle course to a heated bed, there are many specific features to consider when buying cat accessories. Of course, you also want to make sure the cat window seat is safe enough for your feline to be able to jump on and relax comfortably, so factors such as the installation process and materials used are key. Before making the purchase, review exactly what will be best for both you and your cat.

How much does your cat weigh? Do you have multiple cats?

Most cat window seats will specifically state how much weight they can support. Before purchasing, you’ll want to make sure your cat is under the limit. On that note, if you have multiple cats, you’ll want to be sure they can all lounge together comfortably and safely or you might be better off buying multiple cat perches. Ensuring your cat(s) are under the weight guidelines will limit the risk of the window cat perch falling and potentially hurting your four-legged friend(s).

What type of window do you have?

While some cat perches include adjustable brackets that can be attached to any window ledge, some only work on certain windows. If the cat window seat can only work with a 2-inch ledge, for instance, you’ll want to have those measurements before you make your purchase. If you want a cat perch that suctions to your window, then having the glass space to put it up is key.

Does your cat need more stimulation?

Perhaps your cat needs a bit more than an elevated place to lounge. If that’s the case and he or she wants to get in some playtime before taking a break to bird watch, then an all-in-one product might be just what you both need. A system that features a scratch post, climbing pole, and perch will entertain your cat for hours on end. For added safety measures, look out for cat window shelves that can still be attached to your window. 

Is space something you need to consider?

Pet owners can relate to wanting to give their pet space to play along with every cat accessory available to play with. Sometimes, space is lacking so you have to work with what you have. So you don’t have to sacrifice space, a cat window shelf with a foldable design that can be easily stored might be just what you need. Additionally, should you need to use a certain area for something else one day, a cat perch that can be moved from window to window will not only help you out, but offer a change of scenery for your cat.

Does your cat love to keep warm?

If your cat loves to cuddle and find comfortable nooks to lay in, then a cat window shelf with heating could make all the difference. Of course, as the temperatures warm up outside, this feature won’t be necessary, so you’ll want a heating pad that is removable for year-round use. Your cat will thank you later. 

Would a hammock or bed be the best fit?

Both hammocks and beds are comfortable—it’s safe to say your cat would agree—but which is better? This all depends on what your cat needs. If they’re comfortable in a hammock-style perch, then you can’t go wrong. On the other hand, maybe you both think a bed, which may offer more support, would be the better choice. A cat window bed with a supportive backing will ensure your cat won’t take a tumble while they snooze, so if this sounds like something your cat needs, then a window bed it is!

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The best cat window perch

The world of pet products can be an overwhelming one to navigate but by deciding which features are most important for you and your cat—from hammock, bed, or seat to installation process to space-saving perches—you should have no problem narrowing down the options. Once you do, your cat will thank you by staring longingly at you because that’s how they show that they love you.

Best cat window seat: Topmart Pet Cat Window Seat

Sunbathe in Style

The memory foam cushion and velvet cover will provide the utmost comfort for your cat to relax all afternoon. Topmart

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Not only is the Topmart Pet Cat Window Seat comfortable for your cat to sunbathe and (cat)nap on but, as your cat’s human, you can rest assured knowing it’s safe too. You can choose from two installation methods: velcro, which is a super simple process but is only recommended for cats under 20 pounds, and metal screws, which require slightly more legwork but allow up to 35 pounds. The brackets are adjustable to accommodate different window depths so you can easily move it to a different window to offer your cat a change of scenery. Another perk is when not in use, the foldable design allows for easy storage.

Best cat heated hammock: K&H Pet Products Heated Hanging Bed and Hammock

A Warm Sanctuary

Keep your cat comfortable with the 6-watt removable thermostatically controlled heating pad. K&H PET PRODUCTS

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The K&H Heated Hanging Bed offers a stylish oval design that will blend into your home decor. The only requirement for the installation process is a 2-inch window sill as the adhesive hook and loop, or if you prefer a more permanent addition with screws, are included in the package. Comfortably supporting cats up to 40 pounds, the removable dual-thermostat heating pad is layered within the orthopedic foam, covered by a washable soft faux-lambskin cover. The heater is pre-set to 12 to 15 degrees above the room temperature range so your cat can enjoy the warm surface while relaxing in the sun. This product is under a one-year warranty and has been tested and certified by MET Labs to ensure USA/CA electrical safety standards.

Best cat window climbing perch: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch

Playground for Cats

Combines what cats love most—a window perch and a climbing post in a smart, convenient way. PetFusion

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Consider the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch a four-in-one interactive treat. Between the scratch post, the climbing pole, the perch, and the view out the window, you can be assured your cat will never get bored. Designed with your cat’s safety in mind, the 42-inch sisal post has a base for added security and the perch comes with three heavy-duty suction cups that you can easily attach to your window for added stability. Depending on how high your cat likes to climb, you can adjust the level of the scratch post and move it around the house for different views.

Best cat window bed: K&H EZ Mount Window Bed

Catnap Ready

The bed has an open top for easy access, as well as a curved back for extra support. K&H PET PRODUCTS

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If your cat enjoys his or her privacy and loves to keep an eye on the outside world, the K&H EZ Mount Window Bed is a no-brainer purchase. The installation process includes suctioning the large powerful cups, which can support up to 60 pounds, to your window. For extra comfort, this cat window bed comes with a removable Amazon Kitty Pad that insulates your cat’s body heat and retains dander, so you can keep some of your furniture fur-free. The only downside is your camera roll will soon be filled with adorable pictures of your cat lounging in his or her mounted window bed.

Best budget cat window hammock: PEFUNY Cat Window Perch

Sturdy Design

Supported by powerful suction cups and stainless steel ropes, your cat can lounge safely and comfortably. PEFUNY

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At just $19.99, The PEFUNY Cat Window Perch not only looks very cool in your window but your cats will love it too as they watch over their subjects (aka the humans). The materials used are durable and smart with sturdy pipes for the frame, stainless steel ropes so your kitty can’t chew through them, and four strong suction cups to attach to the window. The pipes are designed with rope clip slots so the rope can sit securely with no movement once weight is added. For the base of the hammock, removable and easy-to-clean outdoor fabric is used and, to create extra comfort, a cozy, flannel mat is included with your purchase. If you have multiple cats and they’re willing to share, this hammock can hold up to 40 pounds. There is a 180-day guarantee with free replacement of all accessories. Hard to find any downsides here.


Q: Are window cat perches safe?

In short, the answer is yes, window cat perches are safe but there are some cat perches that are safer than others. Similar to other products, we do suggest you do your due diligence and research the product before you bite the bullet. Some perches are installed with screws that will make them more sturdy while others use suction cups. This is also a fine method but you want to be sure the suction cups are strong enough to support your cat. As an added safety measure, you’ll want to confirm how much weight the perch can support to ensure your cat fits into the weight limit, especially if you have multiple cats.

Q: How much weight can a cat window perch hold?

This completely depends on the individual product. They can range anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds and the label will typically offer this information. Perches that use more heavy-duty materials like screws and powerful suction cups will be able to support more weight as opposed to those that use velcro, for example.

Q: How much should I spend on a cat window perch?

The price range for these pet products can be anywhere from $20 to $70. The features you’re looking for, if there are any special requirements, and how much you feel comfortable spending will help determine your investment in a cat window perch. There are some very affordable options that work great so pricing doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of the product. Again, research is key!

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The final word on shopping for the best cat window perch

Finding the best cat window perch is a personal choice. With keeping your pet’s health and safety a priority, you also want to consider what your finicky feline simply might enjoy the most in cat accessories. Whether that is a soft surface or extra height or a supportive backing, you’ll want to pair that with how the perch is installed and where so that both parties (you and your cat) stay happy. Once installed, be prepared for your cat to live out their day like the king or queen of the household, as if they weren’t already.

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