Dreams of spring are not enough to keep you warm in February. I can see my breath on my walk to work, and there is still snow on the ground. If you’re looking to stay cozy through a long, rainy thaw (or even a chilly night in summer or fall), I’ve got you covered. Note: this story was originally published in February 2017. It’s been updated with the latest and greatest products.

Ember Mugs

Keep your coffee the temperature you want it to be. Ember

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Ember’s ceramic mug—and its travel mug—is my favorite product of 2017. Its ability to keep your beverages hot for extended periods makes it especially great for people who need help staying warm over these next cold winter months.

Sprigs Earbags

Do your ears freeze? Amazon

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If winter turns your ears into icicles, meet Sprigs Earbags. They are like hats for your ears and come in small, medium, and large. Unlike traditional muffs, these fleece-lined warmers fit around your ears. There’s no band, so you can put them in your pocket. Plus, they won’t give you a headache. $14.

Stranger Things holiday sweater

The perfect get-up for your curiosity voyage. BoxLunch

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Cozying up to watch Stranger Things has made me feel all sorts of warm on the inside. This acrylic knit holiday sweater will make you the life of your office holiday party—or it will at least garner a loud “She’s our friend and she’s crazy!” $26.

Sheepskin Insoles

Keep your feet toasty. Amazon

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These natural sheepskin insoles make any shoes warmer. Built with shock-absorbing foam on the bottom and low level arch support, you will be standing up straight and walking on a pillowy path all winter long. Amazon; $40.

Agloves Touchscreen Gloves

Stay connected. Amazon

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Don’t run from the cold. Take it by the hand. Agloves touchscreen gloves are made with a soft, acrylic fiber that keep your hands warm and keep you connected to your phone. It doesn’t matter if you text with your pinky or your thumb, these gloves have silver-coated, nylon conductive fiber knitted into all 10 fingers. The silver also acts as a thermoregulator and traps the heat inside of the glove. Amazon; $12.

Or, if you’re crafty, you can turn any pair of gloves into a touchscreen-enabled pair. Full instructions, this way.

EnergyFlux Hand Heater

Charge your phone and keep your hands warm. Amazon

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If gloves alone won’t do it, this multi-purpose rechargeable power bank and hand warmer made by EnergyFlux will add the extra heat you need. It comes with two temperature settings—107F and 118F—and can charge USB devices. The device is small enough to fit in your palm and is heated on both sides. Amazon; $35.

For more disposable warmers, check out HotHands for your toes, hands, or body. Or make your own.

SMOKO Burnt Toast Hand Warmer

Dead toast to keep you cozy. Amazon

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Adorable toast-shaped hand-warming pillows will keep your hands, well, you know. The burnt toast faces are USB-powered, have adjustable Velcro wrist straps, and temperature control. Built-in batteries last for 2-3 hours, so stroll around with hands of toast or stay plugged in at your desk. The warmers do not cover your fingers, so you’ll be able to type, play the trumpet, whatever. Amazon; $45.

Also, don’t forget your feet. Oh my gosh! Look at these USB connected furry cat feet.

Columbia Heat-Tech Jacket

An advanced jacket. Amazon

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This Columbia zip-up jacket has two layers. Wear the outer jacket in the rain; it’s protected by a proprietary waterproof material. When winter comes, combine that with the warmer inner layer for insulation. It’s got a waterproof zipper, removable hood, and underarm venting. It’s all lined with a fabric that reflects body heat. And bonus: it’s super lightweight. Amazon; $199-245.

Torch Coast Jacket Heating System

A heater that can warm any jacket. Amazon

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There are plenty of jackets with built-in heating systems, but there is one problem with all of them: They aren’t already built into your favorite jacket. The Torch Coat Heating System solves that problem. A charged battery pack can fit inside any coat and keep you warm for five hours. The system is basically three thin heating pads, all of which can reach up to 135 degrees. The system has four different heat settings and is pretty thin, so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a space heater, either. Amazon; $80.


A warmer blanket. Amazon

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This tear-resistant nylon blanket by Rumpl will keep you warm both inside and out. It’s like a puffy jacket for your bed! It’s stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and waterproof. It’s washer-friendly and comes with a small sack, making it easy take with you wherever you go. Amazon; $129.

Hot Logic Mini Personal Oven

A portable cooker. Amazon

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Make some chicken parmigiana while you’re waiting for New Year’s fireworks or eat warm cookies on a Valentine’s Day outing. The Hot Logic Mini Personal Portable Oven lets you cook or reheat meals anywhere you have an outlet. The walls of the insulated tote carrying case are lined with aluminum to trap heat. Using low-slow conduction heat, the Hot Logic oven will evenly cook your food and keep it at a safe serving temperature. Amazon; $45.

BonaVita Electric Kettle

An accurate kettle. Amazon

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Tea and coffee keep your body warm—and not just because of the temperature. The caffeine speeds up your metabolism, and that fuel-burning heats you up. For those who want a constant flow of warm H2O, this BonaVita 1-liter kettle has a real-time temperature display and built in timer. The kettle lets you keep your hot water at your precise specifications for up to 60 minutes.The gooseneck spout allows for a slower and more controlled pour, too. Amazon; $82.

Zojirushi Insulated Mug

A mug to keep your drink warm. Amazon

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If you put in the effort to make a hot beverage, don’t limit your consumption to the home. An insulated coffee mug will let you take that warm goodness wherever you need to go. Pop Sci editors have been geeking out over the stainless steel, 16-ounce Zojirushi travel mug. Amazon; $25.

BedJet Bed Heater and Cooler

Channel your inner Goldilocks. Amazon

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If your one of those people who is very sensitive about the temperature of your bed, meet the Bedjet. The Bedjet, which is controlled through an app on your phone, warms the bed quicker than an electric blanket and uses a biorhythm temperature technology to help you sleep longer and better. It even includes a night sweat mode to help remove moisture from your sleeping area, keeping you dry throughout the night. Amazon; $359.

Heated Pet House

Let you pets enjoy the outdoors in the cold. Amazon

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I wouldn’t let my dog Charlie freeze into a pupsicle! If you have the outdoor space and want to let your pets roam free while you run to the store, this pet house plugs into a standard wall outlet and is controlled by a preset thermostat to make sure your pet stays safe and warm. The house is made of water-resistant fine 600D polyester and the walls are insulated to help protect your pet from winter weather. While this house is made for cats, small dogs will fit just fine. Amazon; $66.

Caged Heat

Heat up your nightcap. Amazon

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Put down the hot cocoa and pick up the ghost pepper. Or, if you’re caring for children, do the opposite. Anyway, the Caged Heat cocktail syrup is made with cane sugar, tamarind, ghost pepper, and cardamom. Amazon; $15.

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